A famous French rapper is also certified by SNS. BTS Jin’s Super Tuna’, a super popular

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BTS Jin’s ‘Super Tuna’ continues the worldwide syndrome.

The American entertainment media Allkpop reported the news through an article titled, “French famous rapper Gradur released a video of his family listening to Jin’s ‘Super Tuna’ together.”

The media said that ‘Super Tuna’ was selected as one of the most popular trends last year, even though it was a non-commercial sound source released to entertain fans on Jin’s birthday last year.

‘Super tuna’ was played on various famous TV programs, radio, and cultural events, and many celebrities even memorized the choreography. As a result, it is said to have spread.

Gradur has music videos that have recorded over 100 million views on YouTube and are a hip-hop artist who has been prominent in the industry for nearly ten years.

Gradur posted a video with his wife and child in his own Snapchat story.

In the video, Gradur smiles happily as he sees a child dancing to the ‘Super Tuna’ played on the TV in the car. The Gradur couple continued to play ‘Super Tuna’ in repeat mode after seeing that their child liked it very much, realizing the popularity of ‘Super Tuna.’

The French army agreed that it felt like they were living in a parallel world where they knew the ‘super tuna’ of rapper Gradurdo Jean.

All K-Pop said that ‘Super Tuna’ is a Korean genre song made without English lyrics, but thanks to the energy of the music itself and the power of the well-made composition that makes you want to shake your body the moment you hear it, it is loved by everyone.

The media said that ‘Super Tuna’ has appeared as a regular customer at several clubs from New York to Paris. The powerful rhythm, fun, and cute choreography perfectly captured children’s hearts, explaining that countless videos were made of children performing the Super Tuna Challenge.

‘Super Tuna’ ranked 14th on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart-weekly/October 8, released by the Billboard Chart on October 5, and charted for 43 weeks in a row.

With this, Jin became the first artist ever to chart-in two solo songs (‘Yours’ and ‘Super Tuna’) for the longest 43 weeks in a row.

Meanwhile, on the global short video platform Tik Tok, as of the morning of October 12, #supertuna recorded 419 million views, and #supertunachallenge recorded 133.8 million views. It is showing off its most robust popularity.

Jin surpassed PSY’s ‘GANGNAM STYLE’ record with ‘Super Tuna’ and became the first K-pop solo singer to top the YouTube music category worldwide for 16 days. proved

People of all ages and genders worldwide, after numerous local governments and national institutions, the most popular children’s channels, Pororo, Baby Shark, Pinkfong, Cocomong, Pengsoo, and Teletubbies all participated in the ‘Super Tuna’ Dance Challenge and became a hot topic.

‘Super Tuna’ appeared in TV news, ‘Amazing Saturday,’ ‘You Quiz on the Block, ‘Gag Winners’ (those who compete with gags), ‘Urban Fisherman,’ and other popular entertainment shows and gag programs, appeared in overseas dramas, and parodies. And a heated reaction was obtained.

Megan Young, who won first place in Miss World, also showed her love for Jin and released a photo of her posing with her husband dancing to the ‘Super Tuna’ choreography. He showed affection by posting a picture of him wearing the same outfit as the ‘super tuna’ on social media.

Russian singer Jackie-O also translated into Russian and attracted attention, proving the syndrome craze caused by Jin as ‘Super Tuna’ was covered worldwide.

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