BTS’ Jin ‘Yours,’ the first K-pop to all-kill Japanese music charts US media spotlight

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Several media outlets in the United States focused on the news that BTS’ Jin’s ‘Yours’ achieved all-kill on Japanese music sites.

Allkpop of the United States analyzed Jin’s outstanding ability as an artist and mighty sound source power through an article titled “BTS Jin’s ‘Yours’ was the first K-pop to achieve All-Kill on the Japanese music charts.”

Clout News of the US also reported this news with an article titled, “BTS Jin’s OST ‘Yours’ Japan All-Kill, ‘Japan Is Yours’ is a trend.”

‘Yours,’ released in Japan on the 9th in both a regular sound quality version and a ‘High-resolution’ version, took the top spot on all music sites where the ‘High-resolution’ version was released, setting a record for achieving all-kill. ‘High-resolution’ audio is the industry’s high-quality standard established by the Japan Audio Association and the Japan Electronic Information Technology Industry Association.

All-K-Pop said that such an all-kill “is the first time a K-pop song released as ‘High-resolution.'”
He added that the more detailed version of ‘Yours’ further shows the beauty and high professionalism of another dimension of Jin’s vocals.

Clout News also reported that Jin’s OST ‘Yours’ is one of the most popular OSTs in Japan, with ‘All Kill.’

‘Yours’ for the tvN drama ‘Mt. Jirisan’s OST was released as Jin’s first solo OST, which expanded the drama’s narrative with overwhelming skills worthy of Vocal King’s nickname. This clear tone captivates the ears, has rich sensitivity and has excellent song interpretation. As soon as it happens, the record-breaking streak continues.

‘Yours,’ which immediately captivates listeners with Jin’s perfect vocals and a deep yet sweet voice that makes you burst out spontaneously, made its debut in Japan on November 24 and immediately debuted at No.

Not only did Jin become the first Korean solo artist in history to debut at number 1 on her Oricon Daily Digital Single, but ‘Yours’ also holds the record for being her highest ranked Korean OST debut.

Oricon Singles Chart is a standard Japanese music industry single famous chart issued by Oricon daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Jin’s ‘Yours’ debuted at 2nd place on the ‘recochok, recochoku Daily Single chart,’ holding the highest-ranking record in the history of BTS’ solo project and the first Korean OST to enter the 2nd place on the single daily chart.

‘Yours’ achieved first place on iTunes in Japan at 4 am in 2 hours and wrote the history of being a Korean solo song that took the top spot in the shortest time in Japanese iTunes history and a Korean OST that took the principal place in the shortest time ever.

In addition, ‘Yours’ is the first Korean OST and the first Korean solo to be ranked #1 on ‘Best Sellers Song’ and #1 on ‘Hot New Releases’ on ‘Amazon’ in Japan. The song also has a record.

‘Yours’ is also the first Korean OST to enter the top spot on the ‘Billboard Japan Download Chart’ in Japan.

Japan’s ‘Top 200 Chart’ of Shazam, a global music search platform, was also ranked number one for 29 days, continuing its hot popularity.

This excellent record is even more noteworthy because it was achieved in Japan (November 24, 2021), where Jin’s ‘Yours’ was released later than other countries, and in the world’s second-largest music market even before the release date song without any promotions. are dragging

Japan’s Oricon Music (ORICON MUSIC) recently published an article on its official website titled “The high-resolution version of the OST special album for the drama containing BTS’ Jin’s main theme song ‘Yours’ will be released.”

The media reported that ‘Mt. Jirisan’, which aired its final episode in Korea at the end of last year, will begin its first broadcast on Mnet in April in Japan, and that ‘Yours,’ the main theme song of the OST, was sung by Jin of BTS and garnered a lot of attention. He also revealed that this is the first time a high-resolution version of a Korean drama OST and a BTS member’s song has been released in Japan.

Before the release of Oricon Music, Masatoru Furuya, who is also familiar with several radio DJs and K-pop event MCs, is actually ‘Yours.’

Masatoru Furuya listened to Jin’s song Yours and said, “When I listened to the high-resolution version, the sound was so clear compared to when I listened to it on MP3. There are parts where there are fewer instruments to focus on, and you can hear the chords one note at a time. If you are a fan of Jin, I would like to hear it while analyzing. I think it is a good song that allows you to experience what high-resolution is.” praised.

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