BTS Suga, Jungkook ranked 1st and 2nd in ‘2023 K-Pop Unforgettable Comeback’ by US media

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Global Entertainment magazine, OK! The magazine’s “2023 K-pop Unforgettable Comeback” was selected side by side in 1st and 2nd place, once again realizing the popularity of BTS.

Global Entertainment magazine, OK! Magazine, published in England in 1993, is an influential magazine located on all continents, including Australia, the United States, India, and Mexico, and is the world’s most extensive entertainment and lifestyle magazine with 30 million subscribers.

OK! According to the magazine, “Suga’s album ‘D-Day,’ which was selected as the No.

In addition, Jungkook’s first solo album ‘Seven (feat. Latto)’, which was ranked second consecutively, is an album that proves to the public that he has matured as a solo artist following BTS’ unique reputation with Jungkook’s impressive performance and soulful vocals.” he said.

In addition, Le Seraphim and (G)I-DLE, ranked 3rd and 4th, were well received for their contrasting positions. Le Seraphim received favorable reviews: “For being a rookie, they captivated fans with their unique voice, intense choreography, and fantastic storytelling.” They have solidified their position as leaders in the market.”

Meanwhile, Lee Chan-hyuk Video’s ‘Umbrella,’ also selected as a “2023 genius K-pop album” by The Source, was also selected in the OK! magazine and drew attention from global fans. This album showcases creative works directly directed by Akdong Musician Lee Chan-hook, including visual artwork, performances, and exhibitions. The album draws the attention of various fans by working with 14 actors, models, comedians, and YouTubers.

OK, through this selection! The magazine said that this “2023 K-pop Unforgettable Comeback” served as an opportunity to prove the popularity of K-pop once again and predicted that the expectations of fans and the industry would rise for innovative and creative activities without borders that K-pop will show in the remaining years of 2023.

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