Writer Choi Wan-gyu in prison, revived with All-in 2 K-Pop Motors production investment.

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K-Pop Motors (Chairman Hwang Yo-seop) invested 50 billion won in production for All-in 2 by drama writer Choi Wan-kyu, who wrote Heo Jun, Jumong, Iris, General Hospital, Legend of Ambition, and All-in 1, who led the Korean Wave dramas and introduced Hallyu-K into the global market. In addition to distributing content, they signed an MOA in which all products of K-Pop Motors appear as props in the 24-episode All-in 2 drama.

All In 2 (tentative title Not Over) is currently completing a 4-episode scenario and is scheduled to be aired in the first half of next year on Netflix, etc. Which has succeeded in Korean dramas such as Squid Game.

To this end, Chairman Hwang, together with Bomin Entertainment Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Young-Joon), the production company of All In 2, casts a super-star male actor as the main character and an open casting competition for a female actor as a new actor, with Tom Cruise, a super-star in Hollywood, in the future. The two rabbits played a significant role in expanding the K-content of the Korean Wave by melting K-Pop Motors’ products into dramas and movies that led to the global Korean Wave. I’m determined to catch it.

The drama All In 2 has already prepared a site in Jeju Special Self-Governing Province for the installation of a filming set, received an official letter from Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and Jeonju City that they will roll up their sleeves and cooperate in attracting filming, and other local governments are also actively seeking to attract filming. It’s a look.

When Chairman Hwang first created the company name K-Pop Motors 12 years ago to make K-Pop Motors’ vehicles appear in K-Pop content, children and teenagers in the region were touring remote places in Africa, even though they did not know the name of a country such as KOREA or USA. Knowing K-pop, he experienced and learned how vital Hallyu K-content is, so the company names of 12 subsidiaries or affiliates of K-Pop Motors were all named K-Pop~.

Starting in the first half of next year, K-Pop Motors will set up 15,550 large-scale exhibition and sales outlets in 84 climate agreement countries around the world and is preparing to be listed on the NASDAQ stock market, the main stage of the global stock market, within the second half of next year.

To this end, K-Pop Motors is already purchasing and developing some real estate to prepare for large-scale exhibition sales centers in 11 locations in Korea, 15 in the U.S. and Japan, and 15 in Southeast Asia.

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