Hyundai Motor Company and BTS launch a digital participatory campaign to spread ‘carbon neutrality

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Hyundai Motor, Korea’s leading global automobile company, and BTS, a world star representing Korea’s K-pop (Korean Popular Music), are joining hands to spread ‘carbon neutrality. Start a digital participatory campaign.

According to a Hyundai Motor official on the 20th, “With global brand ambassadors BTS, we released a video of a digital event to spread the importance of ‘carbon neutrality and brand message, and the ‘# ExpectingGen1’ campaign where customers can directly participate. Will be carried out,” he said.

Carbon neutrality, which makes actual net carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions to zero (‘0’), aims to achieve ‘Net Zero’ to make net greenhouse gas emissions zero. It has emerged as a global issue due to climate change and abnormal climate phenomena.

The ‘Expecting Gen One’ campaign is being carried out as part of global communication under the ‘Expecting Generation One’ theme and is a digital campaign that enables customer participation through various social channels.

‘Generation One is the name given to Hyundai Motor Company to refer to the first future generation who will live by first-hand feeling the positive changes resulting from the realization of carbon neutrality.

This campaign is designed so that global customers can genuinely sympathize and participate in changes for a sustainable future. In particular, it was designed to convey the concept of ‘carbon neutrality in an easy and friendly way to the MZ generation (millennials + generation Z/1 born in the early 1980s to early 2000s) who are passionate about eco-friendly consumption.

Generation MZ is a combination of the Millennial Generation, which refers to those born between 1980 and 2004, and Generation Z, which refers to those born between 1995 and 2004.

Generation MZ is familiar with the digital environment, is sensitive to trends, and seeks unique experiences. In particular, the MZ generation, proficiently using SNS, strongly influences the distribution market. The retail industry is actively marketing to attract the attention of the MZ generation, which has emerged as the leading consumer group.

Hyundai Motor Company has launched China’s video short video platform sharing application ‘TikTok.’ Two types of ‘challenge’ events are held along with the release of digital images. Customers can directly participate using Reels and YouTube’ Shorts’.

Dance Challenge (#Move4Gen1) induces customer participation by developing the concept of ‘carbon neutral’ as a challenging choreography with addictive and exciting movements. The relay challenge (#Pass2Gen1) that spreads will convey the meaning and importance of realizing ‘carbon neutrality.

For the challenges scheduled to be held until next month, customers can create their content and share it through platforms such as ‘TikTok’ after watching the messages that BTS explains and the content that encourages participation in the public event video.

With the participation of BTS, Hyundai Motor expects that the message will be spread to more customers in addition to those who directly participate in various content by invoking a good influence through the natural participation of the MZ generation.

A Hyundai Motor official said, “We prepared this video and event using their favorite channels and content so that the global MZ generation can easily understand ‘carbon neutrality, which is still unfamiliar to the global MZ generation. We will continue our sincere communication.”

Meanwhile, on the 6th, Hyundai Motor released a brand advertisement video containing a message for the first generation ‘Generation One’ to live in the era of carbon neutrality.

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