Charlie Puth Shows Love for K-Pop, including BTS at Melon

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Pop star Charlie Puth scrambled to Melon Station to introduce his new album and showed deep affection for K-pop stars, including BTS.

Melon, the music platform of Kakao Entertainment (CEO Jinsoo Lee, Seongsu Kim), released the contents related to Charlie Puth’s third full-length album ‘CHARLIE’ on the 7th through ‘Popcast’ of ‘Melon Spotlight,’ an on/offline new lighting service, and ‘Melon Station,’ an original audio content service. In addition, it was released through ‘(POPCAST).

In the podcast, Charlie Puth greeted domestic fans by saying, “I’m excited that the album I’ve been working on for two years is complete,” and then expressed his current status, work story, and a special love for K-pop.

After performing with BTS Jungkook on ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’ in the past, Charlie Puth is also receiving explosive responses with the pre-released third single ‘Left and Right (Feat. Jung Kook of BTS)’. Regarding this, Charlie Puth said, “I was able to work with Jungkook very easily. I finished recording my part in one day.” “The pitch was accurate, and the voice and pronunciation, even the smallest details, were perfect. It was so perfect, I just copied and pasted it, and it was over,” he told the episode.

Charlie Puth has been attracting attention by consistently showing his affection for BTS and various K-pop groups such as Black Pink and New Jeans. Charlie Puth once again revealed that he was interested in New Jeans and Seventeen and emphasized his special love for K-Pop by confessing, “I like K-Pop in general. I want to work with any singer. In particular, he added, “I want to collaborate with more K-pop groups in the future. I also want to perform in Korea.”

In addition, Charlie Puth offers a variety of exclusive worldwide content exclusively for Melon members through Melon Spotlight. She also plans to release a video interview video where she can meet artists more closely and intimately through Melon Station’s pop cast.

At Melon Spotlight, an event in which a CD with Charlie Puth’s autograph and a Polaroid set will be provided to a total of 5 people when they complete a mission is also in progress. The CD is a limited edition single, ‘Left and Right (ft. Jung Kook of BTS),’ sold only on the official website.

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