Seokjin, regardless of language or nationality, is known for his songs. BTS Jin, three solo songs ranked first on iTunes in 242 countries

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With only three solo songs, BTS Jin, ‘Epiphany,’ ‘Awake,’ and ‘Moon,’ took the top spot on iTunes in 240 countries (currently 242 countries), collecting topics from global fans.

The American media allkpop reported that Jin topped the iTunes charts in 240 countries with three solo songs, saying, “Most of the albums are purchased whole, so B-side songs that are not promoted rarely appear on the iTunes chart. Considering the difficulties, the fact that Jin’s songs are receiving attention separately from the album is very suggestive.”

The media expressed that Jin’s solo songs topped the iTunes chart the most, and it was the beginning of all this that fans paid attention to. The media said that last year, Jin was strong enough in solo songs to lead iTunes No. 1 in many countries and that this iTunes No.

According to the media, after the release of BTS Map Of The Soul: 7 album, Jin’s solo song ‘Moon’ was a solo song that occupied the highest ranking on iTunes in many countries to the extent that it sometimes even surpassed the title song, and entered the top spot in iTunes 100 countries worldwide. It was said that it was the first solo song.

In addition, it is said that all of Jin’s three solo songs topped a total of 240 countries for the first time as a Korean artist, and fans congratulated him by trending the congratulatory hashtag.

Fans say, “I feel like I can relate to Seokjin’s song with fans all over the world regardless of language or nationality,” “Seokjin-ah, how do I express my gratitude for your song,” “Jin-ah congratulations on Jini’s song” The sincerity seems to have reached the fans all over the world,” “Our Jin stole my heart with his songs, take responsibility,” “When our Seokjin listens to his songs, I feel like I’m working hard, so I feel like I’m looking around myself again. Seokjin-ah, thank you, and I love you” and “Jin is full of genius, right?”

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