‘Sold out’ BTS Jin, 30 seconds this time! Indonesia photocard sold-out record

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BTS’ Jin sold out the limited edition photocard in just 30 seconds, revealing his majesty as a ‘completed man’ once again. Tokopedia, Indonesia’s largest e-commerce company, where BTS is active as a model, sold Jin’s Tokopedia 12th Anniversary Photocard in limited quantities a second time at 3 pm (local time) on the 26th. Four minutes after the start of the sale, Tokopedia urgently announced on its official Twitter, “BTS Jin’s exclusive photocard sold out at 15:00:30.”

Jin sold out the limited edition photocard in just 30 seconds, proving once again his explosive interest and hot popularity for Jin. On the 27th, American media ‘Allkpop’ published an article titled, “BTS Jin’s limited edition photocard sold out in 30 seconds and set a new record.” The report said that Jin set a new record in Indonesia and said that many gun-related products were sold out over the past two weeks, and he was surprised at Jin’s ‘sold out’ majesty. After Jin’s photocard was sold out, in Indonesia, ’30 detik (30 seconds)’ and ‘SOLD OUT KING SEOKJIN’ dominated the real-time trend, and fans cheered and celebrated the sold-out King Jin. Jin continues to sell out various items he wears, such as zip-up sweatshirts, hooded shirts, bucket hats, sneakers, pajamas, necklaces, perfumes, dolls, etc., at once, showing the effect of ‘sold out’ jeans without any doubt.

Fans commented, “Oh my God, 30 seconds! It’s amazing”, “Sold out king! Kim Seokjin”, “The power of MAS GANTENG.” “JIN Indonesia is right,” “Is it true when it’s sold out?”, “You’re so handsome. I want that photocard too”, “Sell me the photocard again,” “You shook my heart, and it shook Indonesia’s heart,” ” Jean showed “such as hot reaction What the hell did hanging.

Jean’s appeal as of stock fairy has exploded in Japan. Qin line Friends BT21 character aljeyi (RJ) will be sold out again alone and attracted people’s attention.

Japan online Store “line Friends Japan ‘(lINE FRIENDS Japan) began a series of sales in the last 21 days’ BT21 carabiner mascot dolls. Only the alleys doll Qin of those two is sold in the series proved that hot popular again.

the always Jin’s RJ dolls were sold out first at LINE FRIENDS Collection, a global online store that started selling the ‘BABY Jelly Candy Mini Dolls’ series on the

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