From ‘Korean cheering song’ to ‘BTS dance’ Seville, immersed in Korean culture

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Seville FC players were immersed in the charm of Korean culture.

Seville players visited the World K-Pop Center in Jangchung-dong, Seoul, on the afternoon of the 12th. Seville goalkeeper Yashin Bunu (31), wingers Lucas Ocampos (28), and Jesus Corona (29) had time to record the team’s official cheering song in Korean directly. Ace Papu Gomes (34), defensive midfielder Nemanja Gudelli (31), and striker Munir El Hadadi (27) participated in K-pop dance classes.

Sevilla will start their pre-season in Korea this summer. Sevilla’s first pre-season match will be between Tottenham Hotspur and Coupang Play series at the Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 16th.

Sevilla, who stepped on Korean soil on the 8th, is not simply waiting for a match against Tottenham. They are sharing various events with Korean fans. On the 9th, Marcos Acuña (31) and Jesus Navas (37), who are in charge of Seville’s left and right flanks, participated in the Korean language class program and had time to learn Korean.

Seville did not stop and visit the World K-Pop Center to enjoy Korean culture. First, Bunu, Ocampos, and Corona recorded their official Korean cheering song, ‘Anthem of Sevilla.’

The teacher of the Seville team was Lucy from Seville, who made a connection with Korea thanks to K-pop. She translated the Seville cheering song into Korean and carefully coached the players.

The three players awkwardly continued to speak Korean under Lucy’s guidance. However, the players quickly began to hum and followed Lucy’s example. Seeing the players’ active participation and rapidly growing skills, Lucy laughed and exclaimed as if surprised.

The players were also happy without being embarrassed by the unfamiliar Korean language. In particular, Ocampos held his belly button several times and burst into laughter. He repeatedly pronounces the lyrics “Yes, I’m here to see you,” which got Lucy’s thumbs-up praise. Bunu and Corona also had a good time exchanging jokes with Ocampos.

Gomes, Gudelli, and El Hadadi transformed into K-pop dancers. The teachers of the three players were dancers from the famous dance team ‘One Million Studio.’ Under the guidance of the dancers, the players practiced the main choreography of the world star BTS’ favorite song, Butter, over and over again.

Afterward, the three players went outdoors and filmed a short-form (short video) with Namsan Mountain in Seoul as the background. They filmed a video with Cypher, a 7-member male group, and then proceeded with the second filming with their teachers, One Million Studio Dancers.

Despite the steamy weather with high humidity, the Sevilla players continued their movements without losing their smiles. La Liga’s official SNS released their dance videos and introduced them as “Sevilla’s new K-pop stars.”

After filming in a friendly atmosphere, Gomes said about the K-pop dance class, “I’m having a good time with the players in Korea. I enjoyed the dance class too. Thank you for being so supportive.”

After recording the cheering song, Bunu also expressed satisfaction. He said, “I enjoyed today. Thank you for such a welcome in Korea. It was fun learning the cheering song in Korean. It was difficult, but I think it will be a good memory.”

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