Hong Jin-young, side by side with BTS and Psy. Ranked 49th in the ‘2022 Amazon Best Seller Annual Chart TOP 100.’

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Hong Jin-young’s ‘Girl in the mirror’ (feat. Frawley) entered Amazon’s bestseller chart.

Regarding the title song ‘Girl in the Mirror’ of Hong Jin-young’s global album commemorating the 15th anniversary of his debut in the US, “Despite being an album released in December, it entered the ‘2022 Amazon Best Seller Annual TOP 100’ like a Christmas miracle and is at the center of the world music market. Approaching” is coming out.

On the 26th, Park Joon-il, CEO of JP Forest, Hong Jin-young’s global agency, said, “Hong Jin-young’s ‘Girl in the Mirror’ sound source, featuring pop musician Froly, is on the Amazon Annual Aggregate Chart ‘2022 Amazon Best Sellers (Amazon Best Sellers of 2022 (So Far ))’ on the 23rd, ranked 90th. On the 25th, her popularity skyrocketed to 49th.”

‘Girl in the Mirror’ entered the Amazon chart on December 16th and has maintained the No. 1 position for 11 consecutive days. In Amazon’s annual chart, Korean artists stand shoulder to shoulder with leading artists such as BTS, Jungkook, RM, and Psy.

Hong Jin-young is the first trot singer to enter Billboard’s main chart, ‘Daily Building Digital Song Chart, ‘ in the 51st week of 2022 at 57th, and has risen eight places to the current 49th. The major radio channel ‘YLEX,’ which is listened to by 7% of the Finnish population, also continuously introduced ‘Girl in the Mirror’ and ranked 142nd on the weekly radio chart.

Hong Jin-young’s ‘Girl in the Mirror’ entered 55 charts on Apple and iTunes in 28 countries, including the United States, Canada, France, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. In addition, she was selected as the ‘2022 Best K-Pop Collaboration’ by LA Wire, the largest daily newspaper in LA, USA.’ Ranked 8th. Despite this, attention is focused on her global activities of Hong Jin-young.

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