‘Instagram World No. 1’ BTS Jimin, the highest K-pop star followers, increased for six days.

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Jimin’s Instagram ripple effect has led to the revitalization of the local economy in Korea. Jimin’s Jeju travel photos uploaded last year drew attention from fans and platform users. Many tourists flocked to it, and the ‘Jimin Tour’ was born, a tourist course that includes Nuwemaru Street, Snoopy Garden, and the Grape Museum that Jimin visited.

This led to the revitalization of the Jeju local economy, which had been stagnant after the corona pandemic, and the city brand reputation of Jeju City ranked second in the country in January, demonstrating the ‘Jimin effect,’ which significantly increased from 11th place in November and December last year.

In this way, Jimin is slow, but he is filling Instagram with Jimin’s sensibility and currently has over 38.17 million followers, receiving a lot of love from fans and the public.

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