BTS V, #1 in Japan for 84 weeks in a row. ‘Taetae Land’s overwhelming presence

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BTS V showed extraordinary popularity by ranking first in Japan’s popularity voting for 84 weeks in a row.

From October 31st to November 6th, V earned 11,533 votes in the K-Pop Male Idol Ranking Voting on the popular Japanese idol ranking site ‘Nehan,’ setting a fantastic No record.

In the same week, in the ranking of Korean actors in their 20s on the popular ranking site for Korean actors, ‘Behan (American),’ they also won 15,637 votes, taking the top spot for 80 consecutive weeks.

In ‘KPOP Idol Popularity Ranking Top 100’ of ‘KPOP JUICE,’ which deals with K-pop idol rankings and audition information, V swept first place in daily, monthly, and all periods as all of the favorites.

In the ‘KPOP Idol Flower Boy General Election’ on the K-board ranking site, it also swept first place in the weekly, monthly, and annual rankings, boasting the most robust popularity.

In Japan, V is in the spotlight not only as a singer and an actor but also as a leader in visuals, fashion, and trends and as a wannabe star of Generation Z.

Such hot popularity is directly related to purchasing power, not only the clothes and accessories V wears but also V’s goods and characters and everything V eats, drinks, and holds a hot topic. Moreover, it is a phenomenon that is rising to the bestseller list.

Among the various products that BTS worked on as a model, the perfume V promoted was sold out first, causing a shortage in the entire archipelago, and inquiries were pouring in. It also ranked No. 1 in real-time trending on Yahoo Japan.

Lotte Confectionery Xylitol, released with photos of each member, also caused a shortage of V’s products even when sales were limited by one per person due to excessive demand.

Recently, with the release of the October issue of Vogue Korea, which featured V as the cover of six types, as soon as pre-orders began on Japanese online platforms, it sold out, went through restocking and sold out, and became a bestseller.

In addition, Tsutaya Bookstore, a major Japanese bookstore with 1,500 branches and is world-famous, displayed the October issue of Vogue Korea in the most prominent location on a large scale, proving V’s status in Japan. Did.

It is expected that V, who is gaining popularity in all directions in Japan, will also create a synergy effect in the future K-pop popularity or Hallyu boom in Japan if his activities are also performed.

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