BTS Jin, Grammy’s unique male god When it opens, ‘focus your eyes’

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The atmosphere of the main character in BTS’ Jin’s Grammy Awards was re-examined and attracted the attention of fans.

The North American entertainment media Koreaboo reported in an article that Jin has all the characteristics of the main character in the drama, saying that he has a strong sense of the main character. There is something special about Jin that fascinates people with his dazzling visuals, charming personality, and overwhelming charisma.

The media explained that Jin’s past Grammy photos were re-uploaded on Twitter, making this title even more prominent. BTS attended the 2020 Grammy Awards and looked great as always, especially when Jin appeared in a photo of star country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter Noah Cyrus, capturing the attention of fans. Jin was not the main point of the picture, but he focused all eyes on it.

After the tweet was posted, comments continued saying that Jin exuded the atmosphere of the main character in the photo.

The media mentioned that Jin’s dazzling beauty and picture-perfect expression would make him the perfect protagonist in any drama. In addition, he added that global fans have always dreamed of Jin’s acting debut, especially after the trailer for the 2019 BTS game BTS World was released.

Jin’s unique atmosphere continued from the passionate stage with Lil Nas X and then to greet the fans. Jin’s dazzling visuals, outstanding vocals, and elegant choreography were revealed on the Grammy stage, capturing the eyes and ears of the viewers.

Jin’s fantastic appearance drinking champagne after thanking fans while wearing the all-black suit, which is the stage costume, once again made fans around the world go crazy.

The 2020 Grammy Awards are also the awards ceremony where Jin became a big topic for his ‘Grammy Zoom In Man.’

Seeing BTS standing on the Grammy red carpet, the camera director zoomed in on Jin’s sculptural face with unprecedented urgency. Since then, ‘Grammy Zoom-in-Man’ has become one of the nicknames representing Jin’s overwhelming beauty along with Billboard’s left-handed man and United Nations General Assemblyman.

The year before, at the 2019 Grammy Awards, Jin also gained tremendous popularity as a ‘brown-haired man.’

Seeing Jin at the Grammy Awards with brown hair color, people asked who was the first to see BTS.

At that time, even if you just typed ‘brown hair’ in the Twitter search bar, the enthusiastic response to Jin continued, with brown hair guy, brown hair be, and brown hair grammy appearing as related search terms.

At the 2021 Grammy Awards this year, Jin also became a hot topic as an ‘Orange Suit Guy,’ and all the Grammy Awards he attended continued to respond enthusiastically.

RM, the leader of BTS, also mentioned Jin, who received a hot reaction, saying, “When it comes to the Grammy performance, it reminds me that our Jin became famous on Twitter as the Orange Suit Guy.”

All K-Pop, an American media outlet, reported that Jin splendidly decorated the real-time trend with an orange suit guy throughout the Grammy period.

This is because general viewers and non-K-pop fans continued to ask questions about Jin after the performance. Jin became such a big topic that an automatic search for ‘orange suit’ followed by just typing ‘guy’ on Twitter.

After the Grammy Awards ceremony, the official US Grammy website reported the news of BTS’s Grammy performance by exporting photos of Jini’s center as the main. In addition, the US Billboard official account and homepage, CBS, ELLE magazine (Elle magazine), entertainment weekly, and US broadcasts and magazines such as Insider also selected a photo with Jin as the main center. They sent out news congratulating the successful Grammy performance of BTS.

On the other hand, after BTS’s Grammy Awards performance, US Billboard News praised “Jin’s hair and vocals are iconic.” Billboard news host and Billboard host Tetris Kelly expressed admiration on his official Twitter account, saying, “Jin’s vocals should be talked about.”

In April, Urban Dictionary, an English-speaking dictionary site with many users, asked a netizen who the ‘Grammy Silver Voice’ was and said, “The ‘Grammy Silver Voice’ is Jin. Breathing is stable, so the It can be easily changed to a busty tone, and yet it maintains the natural vibration and pleasant falsetto, which is an extreme advantage.”

Jin led an explosive response at every Grammy Awards every year with his unrivaled atmosphere, heavenly beauty like a man of beauty, and excellent vocals and performances.

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