IU, BTS Jungkook selected as ‘200 Greatest Singers’ by ‘Rolling Stone.’

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IU ranked 135th, and BTS Jungkook ranked 191st.

It’s a huge deal. If you think about it, even if you ranked 100th in the whole school, you did well, and you were in the top 200 in the entire world when you were having a family dinner. If it were my parents in Cheonan, I would have hung up placards and cooked banquet noodles.

The famous American music magazine selected IU and BTS’ Jungkook as ‘The 200 Greatest Singers of All Time’. IU was ranked 135th, and her Jungkook was ranked 191st. This is the first time a Korean singer has been included in this ranking.

The rankings are even more surprising. IU ranks higher than pop star Christina Aguilera (141st), “country music legend” Merle Haggard (138th), and Lauryn Hill (136th), who has won 8 Grammy Awards, the most prestigious award in the American pop music industry. Behind her Jungkook are Kelly Clarkson (#194) and Billie Eilish (#198).

said of IU, “She has been one of the most highly regarded singers in the Korean music scene since her 2010 hit ‘Good Day.’ She has a wide vocal range, powerful delivery, and versatility, moving deftly from bossa nova to ’90s chamber pop, from jazz to ballads.” Her Jungkook said, “As the youngest member of BTS, she boasts her wide range of talents, including doing various activities and writing several songs. Despite her success at a young age, she was known to be very hardworking and humble.”

It was founded in 1967 and boasted more than 55 years of history. Announces various rankings related to popular music, such as ‘500 Great Albums’, ‘500 Great Songs’, and ‘100 Great Artists’.

Then, who is the singer who ranked first in this ranking? Aretha Franklin, who won 18 Grammy Awards and became the first female singer to be inducted into the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987, took first place. Then Whitney Houston and Sam Cooke followed.

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