‘Global Super Star’ BTS’ Jin, KDOL’s December Monthly Ranking No. 1 Decorate the grand finale of 2022

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Like a global superstar, BTS’s Jin took first place in the monthly ranking with an overwhelming number of votes, splendidly decorating the last day of 2022.

In December 2022 monthly ranking conducted on the K-POP idol popular chart app KDOL, Jin ranked first with the highest number of hearts of 760,808,228.

In the vote, Jin took first place in the daily rankings for a total of 6 times in December, among which more than 310.29 million hearts were received on December 4, Jin’s birthday, and 350.87 million souls were received on December 31, the last day of the monthly tally. He contributed to winning the monthly throne by getting the highest number of hearts above.

KDOL, a global K-pop idol popularity chart app, reflects 100% of user votes from domestic and foreign countries, such as the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia, Korea, etc., decide. Through this, you can find out the popularity of K-pop idols in real time.

Earlier, from October 20, 2022, to November 16, 2022, K-Dol held a voting event for idol subway CM advertisements, which are birthdays in December. As a result of the voting, Jin ranked first in the rankings, proving his global solid popularity.

The winning reward advertisement was sent to Samsung Station until January 1, thrilling fans.

Last November, Jin rose to the throne of the monthly ranking with global fans’ passionate support and participation.

It received 636,177,252 hearts and took first place in November’s monthly ranking with an overwhelming vote difference.

One idol in the monthly ranking will be given CM advertisements for one month at two subway stations in the metropolitan area as a benefit of winning. The advertisement design is selected through a fan application and released through K-Dol’s official Twitter.

According to Jin’s monthly ranking results in November, the winning reward advertisement can be seen at Gangnam-gu Office Station and Cheongdam Station until January 17, 2023.

With the release of her first solo single, ‘The Astronaut, ‘ last October, Jin has continued her steady popularity by achieving dazzling records in major music markets worldwide. Despite the current hiatus due to military service, they are shining their unrivaled presence on various music charts and popularity polls with global fans’ warm love and support.

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