‘Twitter’ appears in K-pop music videos, making headlines.

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The famous social network service (SNS) Twitter appeared in the music video of the five-member K-pop female group ‘New Jeans’ and is gathering topics.

A person using Twitter appeared in the music video for New Jeans’ new song “OMG,” released on the 2nd.

This person posted on Twitter, “Is it only the music video material that makes me uncomfortable? In an idol music video, you won’t get a rating even if you show your face and choreography. Minji is the person who plays the doctor in the psychiatric ward in the music video and describes the person who writes the article as mentally ill.

This is interpreted as being conscious of the sensationalism controversy New Jeans experienced last year.

The new song ‘Cookie’ released by New Jeans in August, has been criticized by some for being sensational. The title of the music and the fact that cookie, which appears several times in the lyrics, is used as a slang term for female genitalia in the English-speaking world.

In particular, in the lyrics, ‘I baked the cookies I made for you. But you know that it ain’t for free. The cookies I made are so soft. Do you keep thinking about it?’ ‘Cookies I made. Come and take a look. It’s only in my house.

In response, the agency of New Jeans issued an unusually lengthy statement and refuted it, saying, “The song expresses burning a CD.”

The fact that the social media featured in the music video is Twitter, which has a low share in Korea, adds to the interest. However, it is pointed out that this has nothing to do with Twitter’s position in the K-pop industry.

Twitter is known to have increased in Korea, gaining tremendous popularity among K-pop fans in recent years. In particular, it functioned as a window representing young women, the leading consumer of K-pop.

In fact, according to the Korea Press Foundation’s ‘2021 Social Media User Survey’, 42.6% of women in their 20s use Twitter, surpassing men of the same age (23.4%) as well as the overall average (21.1%) or other ages and genders. In addition, an information technology (IT) industry insider hinted, “There are several separate people in charge of K-pop within Twitter’s Korean branch.”

Previously, it is known that Twitter users have actively raised the controversy related to New Jeans’ cookies. However, those who disagree with the argument believe that Twitter’s domestic user base is biased and continues to expand and reproduce extreme or narrow views.

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