Squid Game 2′ 124 times to consider. Simon Pegg & Daughter Tilly “I miss actor Kim Seok-jin”

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Actor Simon Pegg and his daughter Tilly, looking forward to Jin’s acting debut, are leading a hot global reaction.

Simon Pegg and Tilly said they would like to see Jin in season 2 of the most popular drama ‘Squid Game,’ sweeping the world, causing great cheers.

The American media Allkpop announced in a recent article that on the 17th, Simon Pegg and his daughter Tilly opened an Instagram live broadcast where they actively answered various questions.

Tilly added, “People are predicting the possibility that Jin will appear in Season 2 of ‘Squid Game,'” he added.

Simon Pegg noted that Jin has an acting degree and that he thinks he will do well in acting and hopes to see Jin act soon.

Simon Pegg is a famous Hollywood actor, producer, and screenwriter who graduated from the prestigious University of Bristol in the UK, which has produced 12 Nobel Prize winners.

He has made significant appearances in films such as ‘Mission Impossible, ‘Doctor Who, ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Star Wars, ‘Awkward Curse of Dawn,’ and ‘CupĂ©’s Happy Journey.’

Simon Pegg took a picture next to Jin’s large, life-size body wearing the ‘Squid Game’ green training suit last September and made it public.

All-K-pop also added that Tilly is known to be an avid fan of BTS and that the life-size figure of Jin in Simon Pegg’s photo was Tilly’s goods.

A few days after the photo was released, Simon Pegg drew much attention when he announced that he wanted to try acting with Jin through an Instagram live.

This news was posted all over the world in unison.

All K-Pop also revealed that Simon Pegg and Tilly commented on Jin’s upcoming OST from the highly anticipated drama ‘Mt. Jirisan’ and said they were just as excited as everyone else.

Simon Pegg and Tilly also mentioned that Coldplay’s Chris Martin gave Jean a favorite guitar that they’ve been playing for 12 years.

Tilly’s godfather is Chris Martin, close to Jean. It is also noteworthy that Simon Pegg is the godfather of Chris Martin’s daughter.

Chris Martin gave Jin’s name, nickname, ‘Worldwide Handsome,’ and even a heart drew on his guitar as a surprise gift to Jin during BTS’ visit to New York in September.

Chris Martin kissed the guitar and gave it to Jin as a gift, which means he respects Jin and his favorite guitar.

On the recent ‘On Air With Ryan Seacrest’ show, Chris Martin talked about his recent collaboration with BTS and said, “The collaboration was just a suggestion from Jin, a worldwide handsome boy.”

Jin, called ‘the male god of beauty and ‘live king,’ is a talented person with overwhelming beauty, excellent vocals, golden ratio physical, sincere eyes, rich expressions like a thousand faces, deep voice, accurate pronunciation, and sincerity in vocalization. All.

Jin, who is also recognized for his perfect singing ability with innate beauty and deep appeal, has dreams of acting so much that he went to Konkuk University to become an actor after seeing Kim Nam-Gil in the drama ‘Queen Seon-deck in his sophomore year of high school.

Not only fans but also many drama and movie officials, including Simon Pegg, have high expectations for his acting debut, choosing Jin as the number one person who will excel even if he acts.

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