BTS Jimin Insta 2 weeks in a row + 12 days in a row K-pop star follower 1st place

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BTS Jimin showed off his ‘JIMIN EFFECT’ as he ranked first as the K-pop star with the most Instagram followers for the past two weeks.

According to Space Audi’s K-Pop radar, which aggregates K-pop fandom data, Jimin’s Instagram account for seven days from the 29th week (July 10, 2022, to July 16, 2022) increased total of 875,527 followers.

In the 28th week (July 3, 2022, to July 9, 2022), the number of followers increased by 815,303, proving its global solid popularity with an increase of more than 800,000 followers for the second week in a row.

According to K-Pop Radar, Jimin’s Instagram has 144,634 people on July 1, 128,222 people on the 2nd, 108,203 on the 3rd, 116,689 people on the 4th, 116,939 people on the 5th, and 116,939 people on the 6th. 115,959, July 7, 127,332, 8, 113,505, 9, 112,766, and 12, 125,279, the highest number of followers on Instagram for 12 days in a row. Ranking No. 1 in K-Pop Stars, he shows his popularity as the best global star.

On the 14th, there were 91,036 people. On the 15th, 18,306 people, and on the 16th, 121,935 people, followed by 182,049 people on the 17th.

On the 15th, singer-actor Uhm Jung-Hwa, singer-rapper Jessie, W Korea editor and director ChaJkaW, and actor Kim Young-Kwang released photos taken with Jimin on SNS, drawing the attention of fans.

In particular, Jessie released photos with Jimin twice in a row with the best expression of ‘The sweetest’ and praised Jimin’s personality with ‘Jimin is the most excellent person in the world through his Instagram live broadcast and comments.

As a result, attention was focused on Jessie’s Instagram, showing an explosive increase in followers. In the star rankings that collected the most followers in one day on the 15th, Jessie was ranked second after Jimin, performing the ‘Jimin effect.’

Jimin (BTS) is called the strongest SNS and is showing a strong influence on SNS, including Instagram.

In 2019, he was ranked as the world’s number 1 person in the Instagram hashtag and has been holding the throne for three years so far, and as of 7 pm on July 15, Jimin’s unique hash ‘#jimin’ has exceeded 69.26 million mentions and is still He holds the 1st throne.

In addition, the first OST, ‘With You,’ released in April, was also used more than 100,000 times as the Instagram release background music within two months of its release, and it is counted as the most used song among BTS members’ OSTs, and it is receiving great love.

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