Forget 2019 – here are the 9 biggest games coming in 2020

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The next generation of video game consoles from Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox are scheduled to arrive for
the 2020 holiday season, just under a year from now.

But before we get there, the last major wave of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games is just over the horizon.

Starting in early March with the highly-anticipated launch of “Final Fantasy VII Remake, ” these are the biggest
games coming in 2020:

1. Final Fantasy VII Remake

The remake of “Final Fantasy VII” deal one of the most beloved games ever made and released in 1997
is a really big
It’s akin to Nintendo remaking “Super Mario World, ” or Microsoft remaking “Halo. ” When this remake was announced in June 2015, people lost their minds.
But this isn’t a direct remake — it’s a bit of a re-imagining. “Final Fantasy VII Remake” doesn’t have the turn-based
fighting you may be expecting if you played the original. Instead, it’s much more of an action game with RPG
elements woven in.

2. Watch Dogs Legion

The “Watch Dogs” series is an underrated gem from Ubisoft, the French game company behind “Assassin’s Creed”
and “Splinter Cell” (among many others).
The new entry in the series, “Watch Dogs Legion, ” looks to be the most interesting yet: You play as a hacker in
London, except you’re not just playing as one individual. Instead, you’re a legion of different people.
Better still: You’ll recruit more people as the game progresses, each with their own unique skills. It’s a unique twist on a game series that’s already full of unique delights.

3. DOOM Eternal

The best game of 2016 is getting a massive sequel in 2020: “DOOM Eternal” is the direct sequel to the excellent reboot of the classic “DOOM” first-person shooter franchise.
In sh01T, “DOOM Eternal” is a massive expansion on the already thrilling gameplay of the previous game. I was lucky enough to go hands-on with “DOOM Eternal ” last June at E3 2019 and was immediately enthralled once again by the fast-paced madness of its gameplay.
All of the additions made in “Eternal” that I experienced attachments for weapons that allow you to zip around the environment, and anew finishing move that nets you a burst of armor build on the existing mechanics of the last entry. “DOOM Eternal” is likely to be one of the best games of this console generation, and it’s almost here.

4. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

After years of waiting and one just-okay smartphone adaptation, “Animal Crossing” is making a significant return on the Nintendo Switch.
The new game, subtitled “New Horizons,” puts you on a deserted island a blank slate compared to previous
games in the series. You’ll start with a lowly campsite, but as you landscape the world around you, more folks will
arrive on the deserted island.
If you loved previous “Animal Crossing” games, this one should be right up your alley.

5. Resident Evil 3

The last January, “Resident Evil” fans got a huge treat in the form of a massive “Resident Evil 2” remake. This year, in April, Capcom is once again treating fans to a major overhaul of a classic game: “Resident Evil 3.”
The third game in the long-running zombie-fighting series follows Jill Valentine in the wake of the events of the
the previous match, as Raccoon City is overrun and worse, she’s relentlessly chased by an unkillable monster
named “Nemesis.”
Like last year’s remake, “Resident Evil 3” is a major visual overhaul to the original game. But more importantly, it’s
also a massive remake of the original’s gameplay systems. In short, although this is a remake, it’s more of a newly-
developed game than you might guess.

6. Marvel’s Avengers

For years, Marvel movies have dominated the box office. Despite that wild success in theaters, Marvel has barely touched the world of video games.
That’s changing with “Marvel’s Avengers,” a newly detailed blockbuster video game starring the world-famous
superhero squad. You’ll play as Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, The Hulk, or Captain America against the various supervillains attempting nefarious acts.
“Marvel’s Avengers” is being made by the folks behind the most recent “Tomb Raider” games, but it looks to be a
departure from the studio’s usual third-person action games it’s got a focus on cooperative online multiplayer,
and ambitions to become an ongoing service-style game.

7. Cyberpunk 2077

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to play the game about the dystopian, cyberpunk future that co-stars Keanu
That’s “Cyberpunk, 2077.” It’s an open-world, third-person action game set in a sophisticated, futuristic city where no one can be trusted. It looks a lot like the video game version of “The Fifth Element, ” set in the town from “Akira.”
“Cyberpunk 2077” has been a vehicle for hype for several years at this point, and there’s a good reason for that: it looks outrageous and fascinating.

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