‘TEPPEN’ New card set ‘Sigma’s Invasion’ is now available!

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A new card set, “Sigma’s Invasion,” was implemented on Thursday, January 5, 2023, in the ultimate card battle “TEPPEN” for smartphones.

New card set “Sigma’s Invasion” implementation!

This card set depicts Episode 3, “Sigma’s Invasion,” the final chapter of the new trilogy “Pulse of Super Civilization.”

Synopsis of “Sigma’s Invasion”
The “Humanity Extermination Plan” by the rebel “Σ” has reached its final stage.

A machine army controlled by the mother computer “Akatsuki,” which has the highest CPU of super civilization, and the evilest duplicate soldiers created from the battle data of the
heroes stand in the way of the heroes.

Can the heroes overcome the “counterfeit”!?

Set in the fortress Mirage Colosseum, set in motion by Third Energy,
the final decisive battle against the super-civilization that puts the survival of humanity on the line will finally begin.

Characters from the trilogy “Jurassic Rampage” and “Operation Cannon Spike” will reappear in “Sigma’s Invasion. “Please enjoy the story’s ending, whether light or darkness will be brought by super civilization.

In addition, on the unique site of the new card set “Sigma’s Invasion,” for a limited time, we are giving away one pack ticket of “Sigma’s Invasion” to those who have viewed the site to the end. If you share a unique place on Twitter, you can get another one. Check out the site to the end and get your new card.

“Sigma’s Invasion” pack ticket acquisition period] Until 23:59 on Monday, January 16, 2023

“Sigma’s Invasion” implementation date] After maintenance on Thursday, January 5,

In addition, as part of the “3.5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY event” that started today, we will present “Sigma’s Invasion” pack ticket x 10 and secret sphere x 3 after maintenance.

In addition, a special secret card of “Super Civilization Rebel Σ,” who won first place in the “TEPPEN Popularity Poll [Legendary]” held in July 2022, will be distributed to players. So log in during the period and get it.

“Sigma’s Invasion” pack ticket x 10 gift period

January 5, 2023 (Thursday) after maintenance-March 1, 2023 (Wednesday) 8:59

Secret Sphere x 3 gift period

January 5, 2023 (Thursday) after maintenance-March 1, 2023 (Wednesday) 8:59

Distribution period of the secret card “Rebel of Super Civilization Σ.”

From January 5, 2023 (Thursday) after maintenance to March 1, 2023 (Wednesday), 8:59

“Zero” exclusive extra skin “Vergil.”

In addition to these, “TEPPEN” will implement an extra skin, “Vergil,” exclusively for “Zero” in mid-January 2023. Please enjoy the modern hero art of the man who inherits the blood of the legendary swordsman.

Basic information on “TEPPEN”

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Official website: https://teppenthegame.com/jp/
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