Iruka & Demon Slayer’s voice actor hospitalized in Japan for COVID-19

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Voice actor Toshihiko Seki (58) was infected by the new coronavirus on the 4th and was announced through his office. Currently, his symptoms are stable, but he will be hospitalized on the same day.

On the official website of the office, Seki announced that he had a fever symptom on the night of July 31, so he had a PCR test after visiting the hospital on August 1, and was found to be positive yesterday.

“We are currently confirming behavior confirmation, but we have no idea what the infection route is,” he said. “Current symptoms are stable, and we carefully respond to recovery according to the instructions of the public health center and experts. I am planning to be hospitalized from August 4th today.”

In addition, he said, “We are advancing the confirmation of the presence or absence of concentrated contacts by the guidance of our company and the public health center,” and said, “Our company will provide medical treatment for the person under the guidance of a medical professional/administration. In addition to serving, we will continue to implement further infection prevention and spread prevention with the highest priority given to ensuring the safety of everyone involved, cast members, staff, and above all, our customers.”

Seki is a demon blade, Kami Tsuji Miserable, “NARUTO” Naruto Umi no Dolphin, “Nintama Rantaro” Doi Sensei, “New Mobile Report Gundam W” Duo Maxwell, “Kamen Rider Den-O” ] Known as the role of Momotaros.

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