‘K-Pop Queen’ TWICE’s 3rd full-length album released on the 12th

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TWICE, who has established itself as a global girl group by ranking 83rd on the US Billboard’s main chart ‘Hot 100’ with the first English single ‘The Fields’ released simultaneously worldwide on the 1st of last month, will release a new full-length album after a year.

TWICE’s 3rd full-length album, ‘Formula of Love: O+T=<3’, which will be released on the 12th, has four visual concepts and unique charms in line with the group name’s meaning, touching once with the eyes and once with the ears. 17 songs with. The song ‘Scientist,’ with its addictive melody, is produced by producer Tommy Brown, who made hit songs for famous foreign artists such as Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, British singer-songwriter and pop star Anne Marie, and K-pop hit song maker Shim Eun-Ji. This coincided TWICE’s plump performance will be accompanied by honest and confident lyrics such as ‘Why do you keep studying me?

What stands out in this album is the participation in writing lyrics that utilize the members’ emotions. ‘Cruel,’ which Dahyun wrote the lyrics for, asks if I feel cruel even after we break up. In ‘Fall in Love, breakingNayeon expressed her trembling heart and the conflict with a lover who has no future at the end of love. Chaeyoung naturally made use of the charm of the original song by putting her name on the credit for writing Tyrion creditrean version of Twice’s ‘The Fields.’ Jihyo wrote the lyrics for ‘Real You’ and ‘Cactus,’ and, in particular, composed for ‘Cactus,’ revealing a wide range of musicality. In addition, three unit songs that three-unit members’ musical tastes are included, giving the listeners a pleasure to listen to. Reporter Lee Won

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