Ryusei Nakao, Ayaka Hirahara and Go Shinomiya appear in the new puppet show ‘Okasan to Issho’

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It has been revealed that voice actors Takaki Nakao, Go Shinomiya, and singer-songwriter Ayaka Hirahara will be in charge of the voices of the sub-characters of the new puppet show “Fantane!”

The new puppet show “Fantane!”, Which began in April, is set on the island of Fantane, where the port town is located.・ Yakoro (voice: Fumiko Orikasa ) and a 5-year-old lion boy, Lucita (voice: Reona Irie ), are depicted spending their days with excitement and harassment while acknowledging each other’s individuality.

In the story, a unique sub-character appears, and Ammonite elder Ammo (Ammo Chocomo), who has lived on the island for a long time, is Nakao, and Mimiko, a black-tailed gull who is wandering around the world with a guitar. Shinomiya plays the mantis youth Marquee, who broadcasts the events of the plains and islands in a video. Mimiko, whose voice is Hirahara, will appear for the first time on April 19th.

“Okasan to Issho” will be broadcast on E-Tele from Monday to Saturday at 7:45 am.

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