’17-year-old group’ First Love (CSR), ‘Dream Station in K-Pop Click’ scramble

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The group’s first Love (CSR) will scramble for ‘Dream Station in K-Pop Click.’

First Love (Suah, Geumhee, Sihyeon, Seoyeon, Yuna, Doona, Yeham) will appear on ‘Dream Station in K-Pop Click,’ broadcast live at 8 pm on the 26th, and decorate a colorful stage.

‘Dream Station in K-Pop Click’ is a new music broadcast aired monthly on K-POP CLICK, a comprehensive K-POP content platform, and MBC PLUS MBC M, a music channel. Monthly artists of the month who have proven their potential and topicality appear every month, showcasing splendid performances and individual skills corners, providing differentiated K-POP performance services.

On this day, First Love appeared as an artist in September and performed their debut song ‘Pop? Pop!’ stage and colorful talk. The members who previously stimulated the emotions of first Love with a set full of fresh visuals and lively feelings through various music broadcasts are expected to decorate a location that enables excitement once again.

First Love, in a video released through K-Pop Click’s official SNS, said, “I’m looking forward to meeting you soon.” “I’m preparing hard to show you the best stage as much as you have given me a lot of Love. Are you looking forward to it? At 8 pm on the 26th at ‘Dream Station in K-Pop Click,’ let’s spend a new and exciting time like autumn weather together.”

First Love (CSR), which debuted as the only group of the same age in the music industry in July, caught the public’s attention with a differentiated concept even before its debut.

In particular, he succeeded in turning on the emotions of first Love, which had been sleeping with the energy of only a 17-year-old girl. After a week of their debut, he ranked 4th in the K-Chart of KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ and proved his popularity by holding the position for two weeks.

‘Dream Station in K-Pop Click,’ starring first Love, will be broadcast live on K-Pop Click on the 26th at 8 pm, and you can see it again on air on October 5 at 5 pm MBC PLUS MBC M.

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