‘Athletic Idol’ Hi-Key, ‘Run’ MV surpassed 10 million views. Proof of ‘summer rookie.’

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The vital energy of H1-KEY’s ‘athletic idol’ captivated K-pop fans.

The music video for ‘RUN,’ the first maxi single title song of High-Key (Seo, Leena, Huiseo, Yell), surpassed 10 million views on YouTube on the 13th, proving its growing popularity.

The music video for ‘Run,’ filmed at all locations in California, USA, contains high-key’s unique, refreshing energy, expansive nature, and timeless trendyness. As much as VIA Productions director Jung Ji-mi put a lot of effort into directing, the visual beauty that pops up like a teen movie is impressive.

In particular, High-key captured the hearts of global K-pop fans with a smile that did not lose its smile even in the hot sun. In addition, he presented a variety of sports performances that he wanted to follow, such as running movements, basketball dribbling, tennis, golf swings, and stretching. Uniforms suitable for various sports and cool physicals that cannot take your eyes off were also highlighted.

‘Run’ is a Teen Pop and Pop Rock genre song with a refreshing whistle and rhythmic guitar sound. After its release on the 6th, it not only entered the top 100 domestic music charts but also showed a presence in overseas music charts such as iTunes, Apple Music, and QQ Music in China.

In addition, Hi-Key is strengthening its position as an ‘athletic idol’ by decorating the covers of ‘WOR K OUT,’ a K-pop movement playlist on Spotify, the world’s largest music platform, and ‘K-DEBUT,’ a favorite playlist on Amazon Music.

On the other hand, High-Key will appear on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown,’ which will be broadcast at 6 pm on the 14th, and decorate the ‘Run’ stage.

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