The two characters from the ‘Dongitsune’ commercial appear as an anime Nissin’s Donbei’s new TV commercial ‘Dongitsune Season 2 Autumn Festival Edition’ released

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From September 28, 2022 (Wednesday), the new “Dongitsune” CM “Dongitsune Season 2 Autumn Festival” will be released.

Nissin’s Donbei CM “Dongitsune Season 2 Autumn Festival Hen” 30 seconds

This commercial is an animation, and the two who have appeared so far also appear. Kikunosuke Toya plays the role of the glasses-wearing young man who eats “Donbei,” and An Ogawa plays the role of “Dongitsune,” the incarnation of “Donbei.”

The character designer is Eisaku Kubonouchi, a cartoonist who worked on the character design for the TV commercial “HUNGRY DAYS” series for “Cup Noodles.”

Those two are back as anime. Please listen by all means.

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