2021 K-pop fandom app ‘Blip’ 2021 annual report released!

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‘Blip,’ an application for K-pop fandoms, selected the artists and fandoms who worked the most in 2021.

On the 23rd, ‘Duckmate in my hand, Blip’ released the annual data generated within the app as a report.

Blip collected data from January 1st to November 30th and presented a report containing different contents, from the artist with the most schedules to the artists’ quotes that fans liked the most, and is receiving a warm response from fans.

First of all, the artist with the most schedules registered on the Blip app was Super Junior. Super Junior, who was found to have completed a total of 1,545 schedules, proved to be the ‘original Hallyu president’ and a unique idol who swept all fields including music, entertainment, advertising, drama, and acting through this Blip investigation.

NCT, which performed 1,427 schedules following Super Junior, also showed the dignity of the next-generation global idol and was named in the TOP5 in the order of Apink, one, and Tomorrow by Together.

In the top 5 artists with the highest number of views per minute for music videos, Lisa of BLACKPINK was honored to rise to the top.

As a result of checking the number of views divided by 1 minute immediately after the music video was released, Lisa’s ‘LALISA’ music video was found to have 137,710 views, confirming BLACKPINK’s global status.

Next, Rosé’s ‘On The Ground’ received 92,725 views, ATEEZ’s ‘Déjà Vu took second and third place with 86,087 views, respectively. It landed at the TOP5.

Interesting data that picked the posts that received the most’ likes’ in the ‘Quotes’ function in the Blip app was also released.

Among them, TXT’s Subin said in a 2019 VLIVE, “Why are you learning math? I have a calculator. Where do I use it after learning math? The word “honestly” gained the sympathy of netizens and took the unrivaled number one spot, drawing attention.

In addition, the artist with the most TMI reports was selected as Oh My Girl. A total of 442 exciting pieces of information were released through ‘Blip,’ including the small content ‘The TV program that Jiho enjoyed watching as a child is Animal Farm,’ which caused laughter.

In the list of representative emojis for each artist used the most on the Blip app, Blackpink took first place. In addition, SHINee, Seventeen, and Treasure ranked joint 2nd, and GOT7, Mamamoo, and NCT also ranked jointly third.

In addition, you can check detailed information on the popular posts and popular photos written by the artist’s fans on the Blip app.

Meanwhile, ‘Blip’ is a mobile application launched by Space Audi, a music startup, to support fan activities more conveniently by fans around the world.

After its official launch in June of last year, it achieved remarkable results, ranking first in the Google Play Lifestyle category, and was selected as the ‘App of the Day App Store.’

Recently, it has been well received for its differentiated content and high level of perfection. It has been selected as the 1st place in Google Play’s ‘2021 Window Program 3’ and has been discussed.

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