MSG Wannabe’s ‘Someone Who Knows Me’ Who is ‘Mellow Kitchen’ playing the saxophone?

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The performers of MSG Wannabe’s ‘People Who Know Me’ are gathering topics.

The main character of the saxophone melody that captivated the ears of MSG Wannabe members and made them admire is the ‘saxophonist’ Mellow Kitchen. His emotional and captivating performance enriched ‘People Who Know Me’ to the fullest.

Mellow Kitchen is a saxophonist who has been active in various genres of music and is the first thing singers look for. He recorded and lived sessions of K-pop albums such as EXID, Urban Zakapa, Lee Hyori, and Brave Girls.

In addition, house in music programs of various channels such as KBS 2TV ‘Immortal Song’, SBS ‘K-Pop Star,’ ‘Fantastic Duo,’ MBC ‘Yesterday,’ Mnet ‘Superstar K’ Season 2-7, JTBC ‘Going to the End’ He is also a talented musician who has built up a splendid career by participating in bands, recording sessions, and brass arrangements and performances.

Starting with ‘Today’s Diary’ in 2017, Mellow Kitchen has been releasing music under the name of ‘Monthly Mellow Kitchen’ every month since 2020, following ‘That’s Over’ in 2018 and ‘If’ in 2019.

This year, they also released a full-length album containing seven sound sources, including ‘Beautiful Day,’ a collaboration with composer Kang Kang-Seong, ‘David Foster’ in Korea.

Mellow Kitchen, which captivates the public’s hearts with its warm melodies across pop and jazz genres, composes and arranges all the songs on the album himself, showing excellent potential in producing, writing, and setting.

The September issue of ‘Monthly Melo Kitchen’ is ‘Hug Me,’ dedicated to singer-songwriter Kevin, Oh. Kevin Oh first released this song at Mellow Kitchen’s solo concert. The lyrical lyrics and Kevin Oh’s emotional vocals meet, creating a feeling of sadness and affection. Kevin Oh, of course, is entering the music release countdown at the request of fans to release it.

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