‘Daily Today New York’ Musical ‘KPOP’ Enters Broadway in the US

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This fall, Broadway will present a new musical, ‘KPOP,’ dealing with the global sensation of K-pop. NEW YORK, New York Producers Tim Forbes and Joy Farns have announced that the premiere of a new musical ‘KPOP’ about the global K-pop craze will premiere on Broadway.

The musical ‘KPOP’ will officially meet the audience on Sunday, November 20, starting with a preview on Thursday, October 13.

In addition to ‘ Luna ‘ from the K-pop idol f(x), ‘ Bohyung Kim ‘ who participated in the girl group SPICA and the duo group KEEMBO, ‘Lee Min-young’ who was active as ‘ Min ‘ in the girl group Miss A, and the boy group U-Kiss. ‘ Kevin Woo ‘, who worked as Kevin in (U-KISS), will participate in this musical.

All the casted K-pop singers actively promote new music by successfully creating individual activities apart from group activities.

Musical ‘KPOP’ not only has a special meaning as the ‘ first Broadway show ‘ dealing with Korean culture but also has a special meaning as the stage where 16 of the cast members debut on Broadway for the first time.

The musical ‘KPOP’ was conceived by Woodshed Collective and Jason Kim and adapted from a book written by Jason Kim. Directed by Teddy Bergman, choreographed by Jennifer Weber, and music by Sujin Kim – Ramsey.

Musical ‘KPOP’ is the story of a global superstar struggling with internal conflicts putting all their efforts into a special one-day concert, putting it in danger of closing one of the biggest entertainment companies in the music industry.

With easy-to-follow beats, exciting choreography, and breathtakingly fun musical ‘KPOP’, the musical ‘ KPOP ‘ will make you experience all consumer multimedia, creating a heart-pounding worldwide craze. Will show ambition.

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