The K-pop girl group told the ‘howling’ incident when filming the MV at the cemetery in the forest, scared but still determined to pursue the bizarre concept?

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After the incident, neither the crew nor the members of this girl group could give a reasonable explanation.

Dreamcatcher is a 7-member girl group that debuted in early 2017 under Dreamcatcher Company. Although they do not have too much popularity, the group is a rare case in Kpop when pursuing a creepy and horror concept with rock/metal music considered quite suitable for Japanese anime soundtracks.

In the latest episode of SBS’s Official Request program, hosted by actor Cho Jungsik, Dreamcatcher shared a rather scary story also related to the concept that the group pursued. Accordingly, they had a problem at the filming site where the MV was filmed and could not explain why.

Member Gahyeon was the first to speak up about this story. She recounted the filming of the MV for the title song ” GOOD NIGHT” in the 2nd single album titled ” Fall asleep in the mirror,” released in April 2017, which is a product with many creepy elements to follow the previous single. Nightmare.

“In the past, when we were filming the GOOD NIGHT MV in a cemetery, Yoohyeon and I had the same scene where we were running around the forest. We had to hold hands while running into the cemetery.

After recording for about 20 minutes, we decided to recheck the footage. However, none of the scenes were recorded. So we had to start all over again.”

After discovering something unusual, the whole crew, as well as the members, had a howl. Although the group went in the direction of a bizarre concept, this real experience also made them think for a long time without finding a reasonable answer to the above incident.

On July 30, Dreamcatcher came back with a unique summer album called Summer Holiday, including the title song BEcause. The song gives a spatial sense of the sound changing with the progress of the music to create an atmosphere as if you were wandering in an old doll’s house.

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