Milan’s ‘K-Pop Party’… World Festival qualifier held.

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The Consulate General in Milan (Consul General Kang Hyung-Sik) announced on the 4th (local time) that it had held the ‘2022 K-Pop World Festival Italia’ at the Teatro Elpo Puccini Theater in Milan last weekend.

A total of 33 teams applied to participate in this year’s event; among them, 14 teams (11 dance teams, three vocal teams) that passed the video trial lit the stage.

Local Hallyu fans who filled the 500 seats cheered enthusiastically for their passionate dance and excellent singing skills.

According to the Consulate General, the stage was high enough for the judges to consult for a long time to select the winner.

The winning and runner-up teams in the dance division and the winning team in the vocal division will be eligible for a global audition to stand on the final stage of the K-Pop World Festival to be held in Korea in October this year.

In addition to the main event that day, programs such as ‘K-Pop Karaoke’ and ‘Random Dance Contest’ were prepared in which the audience showed off their singing and dancing skills, and they received a great response.

Additional events such as Korea Tourism Photo Exhibition and Dokdo and East Sea Promotion were also held.

Consul General Kang Hyung-Sik said, “Culture is an important medium that promotes understanding and deepens friendship between the peoples of the two countries. Said.

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