September ‘Saemangeum K-Pop Festival’ just rises

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Saemangeum’s unique festival will be presented with the best singers in Korea.

The Saemangeum Development Administration plans to present a new type of festival with the best singers in Korea.

According to the Saemangeum Development Administration, on the 24th, the ‘Saemangeum K-pop Festival (festival)’ will be held in the Saemangeum Shinshiyami District from September 10 to 12 (2 nights three days).

This festival is a grafting of the rapidly growing K-pop to the NOMAD festival*, which has been established as the representative festival of Saemangeum for the past four years. Plan to do it. Saemangeum Development Administration hosted it. Jeonju MBC Production Co., Ltd sponsors it.

The K-pop concert, which will be the core program of the festival, will consist of the best performers in Korea, such as the idol group leading the Korean Wave and K-trot singers loved by all men and women of all ages. ), it is expected to be a camping-type (camping) festival where people communicate/exchange while forming a community with people they meet for the first time on the vast land of Saemangeum.
In addition, as side events, we are preparing a talk show where a famous YouTuber is a host to solve questions about the star, such as an autograph session and a commemorative photoshoot with the cast, the ‘Star AR (Augmented Reality) Photo Studio’ with a singer who supports them.

In addition, music with exceptional performances such as the ‘water festival,’ which was well-received at the existing nomad festival, and the ‘premium fantasy show’ ‘busking (street performance)’ and ‘camping cooking contest,’ which will decorate the night sky of Saemangeum, including the fire festival. There is also a night-time entertainment program with colorful special effects (fireworks, laser show, special lighting, etc.).

In addition, the Saemangeum Development Administration plans to announce how to participate in the festival, detailed program composition and cast members through the Saemangeum Development Administration website (Nurijip), various media advertisements, and SNS (Nuri communication network service) in July.

Yang Chung-mo, head of the Saemangeum Development Administration, said, “This year’s new ‘Saemangeum K-pop Festival’ will be an exciting and unique festival that can only be enjoyed in Saemangeum which cannot be found anywhere else.

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