‘Idol League’ Kingdom & JUST B Next Generation K-Pop Expectations Special

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The newly refurbished STATV ‘Idol League’ will be released for the first time at 8 pm on the 7th.

Like ‘Idol’s Wannabe Hotplate,’ ‘Idol League’ is going to heat Saturday evenings with more diverse corners. 2NE1’s Sandara Park and BTOB’s leader Seo Eunkwang will host the ‘Idol League’ this week as guests from the group Kingdom and Just B.

Expectations of K-pop that will fascinate the world have appeared in the idol league. Kingdom and Just Rain show off their ‘hot rookie’ side through live performances, cover dances, and individual skills. In particular, the two groups are expected to compete for a gift box consisting of ‘Limited It Item’ and a ‘Limited Edition Ari Edition’ where you can get a chance to air a music video, raising curiosity. Can Kingdom and Just Rain be recognized as next-generation entertainment idols with all three beats, including visuals, entertainment, and chemistry, in the three corners of colorful fun?

Kingdom and Just Bee kick off the program with a performance to beat the midsummer heat. The kingdom is the title song ‘Karma’ with the theme of ‘Seven Countries, Seven Kings,’ and Just Bee lit up its presence with the title song ‘Damage’ featuring powerful choreography. On the unrivaled stage of the two teams, Eunkwang Seo said, “Performance is not a joke. It’s a fat idol.” Kingdom and Just Rain, who shot the tastes of idol seniors Sandara Park and Seo Eunkwang by radiating an unhidden ‘skill,’ can capture the hearts of fans.

Meanwhile, BTOB’s Seo Eunkwang dance also drew a hot response. In the ‘Ten Head Dance’ corner, where you can guess the singer and song name with one word per second, the studio was filled with Seo Eunkwang’s excitement. What song made Seo Eun-Kwang dance time with his juniors when the words ‘sunbaenim,’ ‘hot body,’ and ‘military idol’ appeared? In addition, the choreography of Just B Jeon Do-yeoman’s ‘Turn up the top’ choreography and Kingdom Louie’s free dance, which will continue the heated atmosphere, are raising expectations. You can also meet Brave Girls’ ‘Rollin’ stingray dance, which caused everyone to fall into a dance saga regardless of the outcome and devastated the scene.

The ‘Idol League,’ decorated with ‘Special Features of K-Pop Expectations,’ will be broadcast tomorrow (Saturday, the 7th) at 8 pm on Star TV (STATV).

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