‘4th generation emerging rookie’ girl group First Love (CSR), 17-year-old looking forward to coming back

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The 17-year-old girl group First Love (CSR) is about to return on exam day.

First Love (Sua, Geumhee, Shihyeon, Seoyeon, Yuna, Doona, Yeham) will come back with the release of their first single album ‘Sequence: 17&’ at 6 pm on the 17th. Previously, we looked into the charms of these girls who showed off their unique teen chemistry by revealing concept photos, album prologues, and individual teasers full of the charm of 17-year-olds.

The 17-year-olds who debuted last July with ‘Sequence: 7272’ left a mark on the public with their girl crush and strong performances. In the already saturated 4th generation of K-pop competition, their pure and refreshing image stimulated everyone to recall the memories of the old days that existed. As they showed special activities at the same time as their debut, their first comeback has a special meaning for their first Love as it is a comeback that can firmly establish the group’s own color and direction, first Love prepared for this activity with great effort to show a more mature image.

Girl group First Love is based on the unique sensibility of ‘first love’ and the empathy and symbolism of ‘age.’ Along with the girl group’s launching slogan of ‘Seventeen, turn on the first love emotion,’ they radiated K-High Teen charm with first-love storytelling that evoked empathy. Following the love stories of 17 girls, we talk about how to express Love honestly. First Love says the image and trend of first Love according to age and era and plans to continue their worldview.

The new album ‘Sequence: 17&’ contains the meaning of ‘& (and),’ which means 2022, the year 17 girls first connected with their first Love, and the last chapter (END) and the story continues (AND). It consists of the title song ‘♡TiCON,’ which contains the clumsy but honest way of expressing Love for girls of the same age as 17, and the b-side song ‘Anding (&),’ which tells the story of girls’ friendship and Love for their fans. In particular, the 17th theme of first Love It is also a meaningful album that announces a new beginning of the theme of 18 along with the ending narrative of ‘Youth Movie.’

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