Korea Vocational Development Institute to hold ‘The K-Pop Camp’ from 8th to 10th of next month.

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The Korea Vocational Development Institute and the Korean Academy of Arts announced on the 6th that they would hold the short-term education program ‘The K-Pop Camp’ for three days and two nights at The Gracery Hotel in Namsan Tower 8th to the 10th of next month.

This camp was designed to discover and support talented K-pop artists. A camp program for three days and two nights, intensive training such as vocal, rap, and dance, basic classes such as breathing and vocalization, and song interpretation and performance practice education are conducted.

After that, the participants receive makeup and stage costumes from a large agency individually and then stand on the virtual audition stage. Outstanding graduates will be paid 1 million won for 1st place, 500,000 won for 2nd place, and 300,000 won for 3rd place, and they will be allowed to audition for 20 large agencies.

As lecturers, composer Kim Hyung-Seok, dean of the Korean Academy of Arts, PlayM’s 7-member boy group Victon, and trainers from large entertainment companies such as YG and JYP participate and support 1:1 mentoring coaches, personal profiles, and portfolio creation.

In addition, all participants who complete the training schedule will receive a certificate of completion of The K-Pop Camp, a star-signed T-shirt, admission privileges at the Korea Arts Center, and a scholarship of 1 million won.

Camp scholarships are provided to underprivileged youths, and talent donation-type education to support their debut is provided.

Composer Kim Hyung-Seok said, “With the best professors and customized training in each field, we will make the dream of an artist who leads the trend and the center of popular culture a reality.” said

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