6 K-pop clips that reference movies

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K-Pop clips are often concept-filled works of art. But have you ever noticed how some of the most excellent M.V.s reference some movie classics? We’ve separated 6 K-pop clips that were inspired by great movies you’ve heard of. It has “Moulin Rogue,” “La La Land,” “Lion King,” and more. Check out!

Have you ever noticed that some K-pop clips look like real movies? In addition to complex effects and captivating narratives, many manage to give you the feeling of watching a feature film. The truth is that landmark movies inspire several M.V.s.

With that in mind, we separated 6 K-pop clips that refer to movie classics or were inspired by stories to assemble the MV. Check out!

B.T.S. – “ON”

In 2020, B.T.S. released the “ON” video. The entire video has several references to elements of classical and pop culture. We have R.M. in front of a kind of Noah’s Ark and V with “Maze Runner” neck marks. It’s a kind of MV that we have to go over and over again until we get everything. But perhaps the most astonishing reference is to the “Lion King” movie. In the end, a mountain very similar to the one in the drawing appears to end the clip. Well, “cycle of life” style!

TWICE – “What is Love?”

Another group that brings several references is TWICE in the MV for “What Is Love?”. During the clip, the girls faithfully reproduce striking cinema scenes. We have “Pulp Fiction,” “Ghost,” and of course “La La Land” when the couple dances in front of the Los Angeles sunset. In the clip, Momo, and Tzuyu star at the moment.

EXIT – “L.I.E.”

It’s easy to see the various inspirations in “The Great Hotel Budapest” in EXID’s MV, “L.I.E..” To begin with, the entire story of the clip takes place in a hotel – in this case, the EXID Hotel, as we can see right at the beginning. In addition, the colors of the costumes and scenery, the uniform, and the reception area are the main details that immediately draw attention due to their similarity.

A.O.A. – “GET OUT”

In 2016, A.O.A. released the video for “GET OUT.” Each of the eight girls represented a specific movie in the MV. It has reference to “Legalmente Blonde,” “Kill Bill,” “Luxury Doll,” “The Fifth Element.” In this case, one of the most special is Chanmi dressed as Hermione, as if she were in “Harry Potter.” Today, A.O.A. is a trio, and Chanmi remains a member.

SISTAR – “Give It To Me”

Before disbanding in 2017, SISTAR offered some exciting concepts in their M.V.s. One of them was “Give It To Me,” all inspired by the aesthetics of the movie “Moulin Rouge!”. Cabaret-style performances, hats and corsets, dances on chairs, and with the girls suspended in the air are just some of the details that refer to the 2001 classic.

Boyfriend – “BOUNCE”

“BOUNCE,” by the former Boyfriend, is all based on “Alice in Wonderland.” Due to the darker characteristics, the inspiration came from Tim Burton’s 2010 movie version, of course. Playing cards, watches, teas. It’s easier to cite elements that don’t refer to the work.

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