7 Popular K-pop Project Boy Groups That Are Iconic, Unforgettable!

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Soloists, boybands, girl bands, sub-units, and project groups are everyday things that are often found in the K-Pop entertainment industry. This diversity attracts attention, although new fans may be confused.

Different from ordinary groups, boybands formed as project groups generally debut with specific goals and reasons. Usually, this kind of KPop group project is also only temporary. Several KPop project boy groups stole the attention, you know. Come on, see!

  1. RAINZ

RAINZ is a project group that was formed after the second season of the Produce 101 program ended. They debuted in October 2017 with the song “Juliette” and were promoted in Korea and Japan.

Kim Seong Ri, Ju Won Tak, Lee Ki Won, Jang Dae Hyun, Hong Eun Ki, Byun Hun Min, and Seo Sung Hyuk have made good memories with fans while still active. Unfortunately, they can no longer be involved as a group in 2018.

  1. 1THE9

Debuting in 2019, 1THE9 is also a boyband that has amazed fans while still being active as a group. Each member has worked hard to show their respective talents in the survival program Under 19 before officially debuting.

This boyband which has nine talented members debuted with an album titled XIX. Since their debut, they wanted to be recognized as a versatile group and managed to make it happen. Because fans always appreciate them at every opportunity.

  1. JBJ

JBJ was formed at fans’ request after the second season of the survival program Produce 101. While active as a group, they reap various impressive achievements. They also have a variety of exciting activities, one of which is a concert.

Although temporary, the group has left many unforgettable memories for fans. Now, each member has their activities after the contract ends.

  1. SuperM

SuperM is a group that focuses on promotions in South Korea as well as the United States. They debuted in the United States on October 4, 2019, and achieved various proud achievements.

This project group from SM Entertainment brings together members from various boy bands to match. Each member is also familiar and doesn’t seem awkward, even though there is an age difference.

  1. Wanna One

Wanna One has been in the spotlight since debuting with “Energetic” on August 7, 2017. They have many activities as a group, even gaining success to be recognized as a legendary group.

In a short time, Wanna One has made many memories with its fans. Even though they have now disbanded, everyone wants a One member still has the support of their loyal fans.

  1. SM The Performance

Debuting with the song “Spectrum,” SM The Performance drew attention to each member’s ability and charisma. This project group consists of members who include the principal dancer for the boy band formed by SM Entertainment.

  1. UNB

UNB was formed from a survival program titled The Unit. All members of this group have previously debuted with boybands from their respective agencies.

They debuted with an album titled Boyhood on April 7, 2018. Even though they had debuted even before this project boy group was formed, each member admitted that he still wanted to learn many things. They also work hard together and are very compact.

The boy group project above is memorable for their respective fans. Is there a boy group project that is your favorite?

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