The theme of entertainment, music, and music rises in the K-POP group’s US Billboard chart news.

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The theme of entertainment, music, and music rises in the K-POP group US Billboard charts news.

Investor sentiment toward entertainment is improving as K-pop singers perform well on the US Billboard charts.

BTS Jimin’s first regular album title song ‘Like Crazy’ was ranked on the US Billboard’s ‘Hot 100’ for two consecutive weeks, and K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty’s ‘Cupid’ also ranked third. Rose for weeks in a row.

Also, on the 11th (local time), TWICE’s 12th mini album ‘READY TO BE’ ranked 46th on the ‘Billboard 200’ on the 15th, and the group ‘Tomorrow X Together’ (TXT ยท Tubatoo)’s 5th mini album ‘The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION’ released last January ranked 78th on the ‘Billboard 200’ chart this week.

In addition to the incredible growth in album sales of existing artists, Hana Securities reported that ten new groups, the highest level ever, debuted this year, raising expectations. Even Hive said its performance is expected to be similar to last year, which was the highest ever.

In particular, in the second quarter of this year, SM/JYP/YG are expected to post record-high quarterly earnings. The combined operating profit of the four major agencies is expected to record a record high of KRW 179.8 billion (+27% YoY).

In addition, the most significant investment idea for K-pop is that the album sales of major new groups exceed 1 million copies within a year, and ten teams from the four major agencies are said to be debuting. The most important momentum is Hive and JYP’s American girl group debuting in collaboration with Universal Music.

It is expected to be materialized externally through the media or platforms in May-June, and it is analyzed that the maximum sales scheduled per group in the case of box office is expected to contribute 500 billion won to 700 billion won in operating profit and around 50 billion won in operating profit.

Entertainment, music, and themes such as SM, JYP Ent., Dear You, Fan Entertainment, and FNC Entertainment rose in this news.

Pharmaceutical and bio themes are rising, with fundamentals improving in the second half and prospects for a full-fledged rebound.

DB Financial Investment announced that many materials would improve the pharmaceutical bio sector fundamentals as we move into the second half.

In particular, as there are various issues such as Samsung Biologics’ stabilization of plant four operation rate, domestic Humira biosimilar product launch in the US, Yuhan Corporation’s possibility of expanding Lazertinib as a first-line treatment, and re-applying for BLA to the US FDA for Green Cross IVIG, etc. analyzed to be noticed.

In addition, it was revealed last year that the interest rate hike was a sector with many funding issues, and investment risks had a significant effect.

Kiwoom Securities analyzed that the main factors behind the surge in stock prices in the pharmaceutical and bio sectors were external factors such as expectations for the end of the interest rate hike cycle and circular purchase supply and demand. In addition, it is judged to be short-term overheating. Still, it is predicted that the breadth and depth will be brief even if various rich events such as clinical presentations/approval/conferences are adjusted in the middle.

In this regard, pharmaceutical/bio-related stocks such as SK Bioscience, Daehwa Pharm, Riyeon Pharm, Medipost, Tego Science, Jeil Pharm, and Hanall Biopharma rose. SK bioscience had a positive effect on news of the confirmation of immunogenicity and safety of the booster shot in phase 3 clinical trial of the COVID-19 vaccine GBP510.

Mfox (monkeypox) theme rises, such as news of raising the monkeypox crisis alert to ‘caution.’

With the ninth Mpox (monkeypox) confirmed case in Korea occurring on the afternoon of the previous day, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) raised the crisis alert level from ‘attention’ to ‘caution’ on this day in accordance with the recent increase in domestic Mpox (monkeypox) patients.

The infectious disease crisis alert level consists of 4 stages: interest โ†’ caution โ†’, alert, โ†’ serious, and notice is issued when an inflow of a new contagious disease from the abroad or limited transmission of an unknown or re-emerging infectious disease in Korea.

Amid such news, Mfox (monkeypox) themes such as Myco Biomed, GeneMatrix, Green Cross Holdings, and Boditech Med rose.

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