Lee Soo-man “K-pop, the value will be maximized with prosumer content”

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“K-pop, which has reached the world through YouTube, will maximize its value through prosumer content.”

SM Executive Producer Lee Soo-man, who attended ‘Google for Korea’ held online by Google Korea on the 15th as a speaker, gave this diagnosis on the future direction of K-Pop.

In a presentation under the theme of ‘The achievements and future of K-pop, YouTube, and the future,’ Executive Producer Lee said, “In the era of ‘producer,’ we are approaching an era where ‘prosumer’ (a compound word of producer and consumer) reaches its peak. YouTube will play a big role in revitalizing the content reproduced by prosumers and expanding their domain.”

He also introduced, “Recently, SM started the ‘Pink Blood’ project to support and support the activities of prosumers actively.” The ‘Pink Blood’ project is a project that supports ‘recreated content,’ where passionate fans who say that “the symbol of SM bleeds pink blood” reinterprets SM content on platforms such as YouTube.

SM continues to collaborate with YouTube through archive work. Just as singer Kangta released the music video ‘To Fly Free 2021’, a reinterpretation of HOT’s ‘To Fly Freely’ as a 2021 version, in July, more than 300 music videos and sound sources will be released in the future.

This event was held to commemorate the 18th anniversary of Google’s entry into Korea and the 20th anniversary of its entry into Asia and was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Google’s entry into Korea. A large number of people from the political and business circles, including the president, participated.

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