A man called ‘human luxury’ BTS Jimin, Louis Vuitton 2021 FW shining best ambassador ‘Model PARK JIMIN.’

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BTS Jimin raised expectations for the fashion show by demonstrating his overwhelming presence as a ‘Louis Vuitton man’ and ambassador.

Louis Vuitton, acting as a global ambassador for BTS, released a teaser video announcing that the 2021 FW fashion show will be held in Seoul on the 7th.

In the video, Jimin appeared with an unrealistic sculptural visual and attitude, capturing attention from the first scene in the teaser.

At the same time as the video started, Jimin, with a solid red background behind, exuded a sexy peak of masculinity with a hairstyle that turned dark black hair back.

Jimin, with a chic expression looking at the front as if indifferent, while wearing an ivory suit from Louis Vuitton’s FW collection and orange-tinted sunglasses with gold frame, with one hand in his pocket, made the fans flutter with his charismatic charm.

Jimin has a sexy hairline, a natural nose that flows down the forehead, a sharp but rare western pentagonal jawline, and red lips with thick luxury volume. The alluring side line reminiscent of a Greek statue is a ‘David Award’ from the idol trainer. He realized the appearance that was praised for being so and melted the fan’s heart.

In particular, Jimin raised expectations for ‘Model JIMIN’ by making every background a ‘runway’ in a moment with his walking, natural and refined posture and expression, and deep eyes.

American Hallyu media all k-pop reported Jimin completed a sophisticated and elegant image in just 2 seconds wearing a suit and rose gold sunglasses from the fall 2021 collection.

Fans’ enthusiastic reaction was reflected in the real-time Twitter trend.

The first among the members in the Japanese celebrity ranking Twiple, the first among the members, and the highest-ranking, 6th place instantly, and the real-time trend in Italy and Canada, etc. trending in

After the Louis Vuitton video was released, in ‘Toptrend,’ ‘jimin’ ranked 4th among the names used with the hashtag ‘#LVMeFW21’ and recorded the highest-ranking members. In 8th place, he was trending as the only member in the top 10.

Jimin, a Korean frontman and frontman for BTS, has sold out his wearable products before his official Louis Vuitton ambassador activity.

Last January, Louis Vuitton’s official fashion show ‘Men’s Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion Show | LOUIS VUITTON’ sold out in more than 16 countries after wearing a white knit with the signature LV logo of Louis Vuitton worth 1.37 million won in the image of a watch.

In March, in the preview video for tvN’s entertainment program ‘You Quiz on the Block,’ all sizes of the expensive knit worth 1.54 million won worn by Jimin were sold out, and the 1.09 million won ‘Character Pendant Necklace’ was sold out within 24 hours.

In a video interview with Virgil Abloh, the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s men’s collection after becoming an official ambassador, Jimin wore a Louis Vuitton T-shirt worth 850,000 won and the Louis Vuitton worn by Jimin when he appeared on CBS’ ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ in May. ‘The Damier Salt Jacquard Crewneck’ worth 1.55 million won was sold out on the official website during the broadcast.

As such, fans are raising their curiosity and anticipation about how Jimin, who has been proving the strong brand power of the boy group’s brand reputation to the world for 30 consecutive months, will show at the ‘2021 FW Collection’, his first official act as an official ambassador.

The Louis Vuitton ‘2021 FW Collection’ featuring BTS will be held online on the 7th.

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