First Lady Kim Jung-sook met the first lady of Colombia and talked about K-pop and laughed.

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President Moon Jae-in’s wife Kim Jung-sook met with Maria Juliana Luis Sandoval, wife of Colombian President Ivan Duque Marquez, on the 25th to talk about various topics such as education environment and Korean culture.

First Lady Kim had a meeting with Louise Lewis, who was on a state visit with President Duque, in the reception room on the first floor of the main building of the Blue House from 10:50 to 11:50 am on the same day, Lim Se-eun, deputy spokesperson for the Blue House, said in a written briefing.

“It is a very great honor to have visited Korea alone with Colombian President Duque despite difficult times due to COVID-19,” said First Lady Kim. “It will contribute to cooperation between Korea and Colombia.”

“I am very grateful for such a warm welcome,” said Mrs. Lewis.

Recalling the 70th anniversary of Colombia’s participation in the Korean War, the 10th anniversary of the establishment of a strategic cooperative partnership, and the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties next year, Kim said, “This state visit is even more meaningful. “He said.

Kim and Louise also had a tough conversation about bridging the education gap caused by the coronavirus. In particular, they shared the importance of childcare and education for future generations.

First Lady Kim said, “Korea’s dazzling development has been supported by Korea’s high enthusiasm for education,” and introduced Korea’s public education, free school meals, and educational broadcasts.

Also, referring to the ‘P4G Seoul Summit’ held in Seoul in May, Mrs. Kim said we should overcome the climate and environmental crisis and pass on the earth to live with to future generations.

With great sympathy, Ms. Lewis also introduced President Duque’s words, “We must preserve and produce, produce and preserve.” Colombia will host the next P4G summit in 2023.

Mrs. Kim continued to chat with Ms. Louise, interested in Korean culture and K-pop, and talked about K-pop in a friendly atmosphere.

The first ladies of the two countries also talked about ‘Sea Turtle and Coral’ by Choi Cha-wan, a developmentally disabled artist, displayed in the Blue House reception room hallway.

When Ms. Lewis expressed interest in her work, Ms. Kim introduced the artist and the meaning of the work depicting the harmony of life in the sea. She had a conversation about cultural exchange and cooperation between the two countries.

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