Dream of being a member of K-Pop From the academy? ‘Keep an eye on it’ VS ‘It’s not necessary.’

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Individuals who dream of becoming entertainment professionals sell their products and receive practical and practical training through universities, private institutes, and educational institutions for new talent development, A&R, record planning, entertainment promotion, marketing and entertainment, and art management, cultural industry, and overall education. Have.

As they invest time and money to make their dreams come true, it is worth examining how effective the theory and practical experience learned here are in practice. There is a saying that “make money by packaging experience” because proper education is not provided after promoting some plausible curriculum.

Mr. A, the head of the singer’s agency A&R, viewed it positively. Person A said, “There are many music majors in this job. Non-majors cannot access detailed systems and programs. He said, “If you are well educated, you will have a higher understanding.”

On the other hand, Mr. B, the representative of a singer-specialized agency, said, “I rather don’t choose more. In the case of A&R aspirants, I have encountered many cases where they fail to catch the trend of the song and learn only the knowledge poorly. You can find all the necessary knowledge or job information if you search. However, relying on an academy without looking for it seems insincere.”

C, who graduated from an entertainment-related department, said, “It was nice to be able to share information and knowledge with friends who have similar dreams while attending school. In some cases, relationships at school lead to job opportunities. But that’s up to you. We need to get rid of the idea that if we go to a related department, we will get a job,” he said.

He continued, “Honestly, I think it’s better to study in a related department or study than to go to an entertainment school. If you want to do overseas marketing, a foreign language is more helpful. If you want to do public relations, the journalism department and A&R music department are more helpful.” “I recommend playing in the field as soon as possible. It is a job that requires a sense of the field and experience,” he advised.

Manager D, who graduated from the manager’s department and has been in his 10th year of experience this year, said, “Actually, I didn’t learn anything useful in school. Although it is a management course, students learn managerial tasks such as performance managers and stage managers. In the case of celebrity managers, it is better to be put into the field as soon as possible. There are many job postings for managers. I want to tell you not to hesitate if you do not have the experience and knowledge to bravely knock on the company’s door. After working for a long time, a manager’s character, sincerity, persistence, and driving skills are more important than those things.”

Manager E said, “When hiring an employee, we never give preference to those who graduated from a related department. Because you can overestimate your fantasies and your abilities, they start with so-called chores, and what they dream of is the tasks performed by the chief executive. If such ideals and realities are too big, I don’t choose them because I can’t stand it for long.”

The hair and makeup artists and stylists responsible for the singers’ visuals were not much different. Although he was receiving professional training through the academy, there were many situations where it was not necessary for the field. The enormous fortune you could get through the academy was your connections. In this field, a system for recognizing talents through recommendations from people in the industry has been established. Stylist F said, “I go under the teacher who taught me at the academy and starts work or soaks my feet through recommendations. There are quite a few people who register for the academy hoping for that.”

Mr. G, an employee of a large agency, said, “We selected recruits as those who received training at the academy. I didn’t choose it that way on purpose, but you will have a high understanding of the job if you go through the interview. Even when tested, they adapt much better and have higher work competency than those without education.”

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