A talented singer appeared… Bumjin, Dreaming of Korean Version of ‘Ed Sheeran’

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It is the emergence of a talented singer-songwriter. Beijing, known as the younger sister of singer Jinju, dreams of a Korean version of ‘Ed Sheeran.’

Bumpin held an online showcase to commemorate his debut single ‘It’s Okay’ on the 9th.

The stage is excellent. The reason is what your experience tells you. In 2016, he made his name known through MBC’s ‘Duet Song Festival.’ In addition, in 2018, he made his ears stronger through various songs, including the OST of the drama.

Beijing said, “I was originally staged, but today I’m very nervous. Now I can write as a singer in the job column, and I am so moved as it is my debut.” He added, “Now I can tell my family that I am a singer, and I will try harder.”

‘It’s Okay,’ released today, features Beomjin’s unique husky voice and melodies that touch the emotions. It contains a message of empathy from the side of a struggling lover, so listeners can quickly adopt it.

Beijing said, “It’s a song for me who can overcome exhaustion and hard times, and it’s for everyone who listens. It contains a message that is comforting by being by your side rather than words and actions.”

The atmosphere is good from the start. He appeared on Arirang Radio’s ‘Super K-Pop’ on the 8th and fascinated the hearts of global fans with his outstanding vocal skills. As a result, the response was burning even before starting, such as climbing to the top of search terms on various music sites.

I also set big goals. He chose global singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran as his role model. “Ed Sheeran is the perfect singer. I also want to become a superstar like that.” Also, in Korea, Kim Dong-ryul was cited as a role model and said, “The depth of lyrics and composition is excellent, so I always want to learn.”

His DNA as a musician is also unique. The first sister is Jinju, a singer who debuted in 1997 with ‘I’m Okay. As Beomjin’s debut song this time is ‘It’s Okay,’ even the song’s name is similar. Attention is focused on whether Beomjin will be able to walk on a concrete road like Jinju. She was released at 6 pm on the 8th.

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