How do you like K-pop fans in the coldest blanket? ‘K-Pop Generation’

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Did you have a good week this week? Digital Daily has prepared OTT recommendations for you to watch over the weekend. We have carefully selected content like hidden gems of major OTTs at home and abroad, such as Wave, Teabing, Netflix, Disney Plus, and Watcha. Why don’t you try ‘Jeongju’ this holiday? < Editor’s note>

“Here is a prescription for holiday aftereffects.” From comic strips to the K-pop generation! Let’s look at the new list that guarantees 200% fun.

Teabing: K-Pop Generation

The real K-Pop story no one has ever told was born as the Teabing Original’ K-Pop Documentary’. Twenty-two teams of artists, from first-generation Kangta to fourth-generation idol Stray Kids and Ive, plus pop music experts and officials, including music critics, lyricists/composers, and entertainment CEOs, unraveled the discourse surrounding K-pop from various angles.

In the first episode, ‘Deokjil,’ released on the 26th, multiple cases, such as streaming guns, album unboxing, photo exchange, and birthday cafes, were introduced. It is said that the inner thoughts of the artists who have various ideas about the fandom are also significant points of observation.

Teabing: Tearing out comics

Teabing’s original entertainment show ‘Tearing a Manga’ is a survival variety toon on an uninhabited island in which four men, who became the main characters in the cartoon, Lee Mal-nyeon, Joo Ho-min, Kian 84, and Joo Woo-Jae, aka ‘chimpangiju,’ struggle to survive in the cartoon world.

On an uninhabited island that has refused the touch of civilization, the ‘Chimpulgiju’ who seeks ‘the road to life together’ is in a bad situation. I look forward to seeing Lee Mal-nyeon, Joo Ho-min, and Kian 84, who had a long hiatus as cartoonists, take up the pen again to win the only chance to escape the uninhabited island.

Wave: In other words, I want to say I like it, but is it a

Fate or a bad relationship? ‘In other words, I want to say I like you’ is a Japanese office romance that will melt your frozen heart in the cold winter.

The main character, Chitose, hates lies due to childhood trauma. As an adult, she was fired from her part-time elementary school teacher job, and she joined a management company by chance. Taking over as manager of up-and-coming actor Sena, she learns that the boy from her class who made fun of her with her lies in her childhood was Sena. A romance between a woman who hates lies and a man who is a liar unfolds.

Wave: Resident Alien Season 2

The fantasy comedy ‘Resident Alien’ created by the 2% lack of aliens and the villagers who are even more lacking is back with Season 2. This sci-fi drama, aired on NBCUniversal’s cable channel SYFY, is about an alien who crash-landed in a small town in Colorado due to a faulty spacecraft. Disguised as doctor Harry, he cooperates with investigating a murder case that happened in the city accidentally while carrying out a mission to exterminate humanity. Content. In Season 2, ‘Harry,’ who gave up returning and returned to the village, continues his adaptation period to Earth.

Netflix: You People

‘You People’ is a witty comedy about the story of Ezra and Amira, a man and woman from the millennial generation of LA who grew up in different environments, falling in love and colliding with their families and cultures. Ezra, more sincere about her romance than anyone else, meets Amira like her destiny one day while anxiously waiting for her half. Two people who decided to get married after a sweet love affair, the most challenging gateway for them was the meeting ceremony.

The parents of both families start to have conflicts over various issues and trivial matters. Can Ezra and Amira overcome this and get married with everyone’s blessings?

Netflix: Lockwood Psychic Company

Based on the novel series by Jonathan Stroud, it follows a team of three teenagers working as paranormal investigators in a haunted world to uncover a sinister conspiracy. Ghosts have haunted London for 50 years. Now, whenever ghosts plague people, they turn to paranormal investigation agencies.

Big corporations hire teenagers with psychic powers to fight supernatural beings. However, the company operated without adults, so the name was ‘Lockwood Psychic Company.’ Lucy, who has extraordinary psychic powers, joins as a recruit and challenges a massive mystery case.


Enjoy a feast of colorful fun, such as The Menu Course! ‘The Menu’ is a suspense thriller that occurs when a couple visits a high-end restaurant on a remote island to enjoy the world’s only course meal and falls into a risky plan perfectly prepared by the best chef. Ralph Fiennes, an actor with a reputation for excellence, and Anya Taylor-Joy, a famous Hollywood actor with a unique personality and charm, and Nicholas Hoult met early on. An individual development that continues the story with cooking, a mystery that stimulates curiosity, and a feast of enchanting food that catches the eye awaits.

Disney+: Except for me, superpowers

In a world where everyone has superpowers, am I alone incapacitated? The story of ‘Jennifer’ from the Disney + original series ‘Incompetent’ who didn’t have the ability until she turned 25 in a world where ‘superpower’ is acquired by anyone over 18 except me and embarks on a journey to find her superpower. Contains. Please look forward to the characters with their personalities, witty humor, and delightful story from the production team of ‘Killing Eve,’ the most talked-about film that completely captivated the hearts of the public and critics with its thrilling chase and delicate psychological portrayal of the characters.

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