Virtual Influencer Rosie “Forever 22 years old..My favorite is BTS” direct interview

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It was rough at first. This pretty model caught the eye with her dazzling performance while navigating the bus stop, the forest, the city, and the subway. It drew attention as a CF model that appeared like a comet.

When I found out whether it was the birth of an ‘expected newcomer,’ it was the arrival of a new world. The ‘virtual influencer’ Rozy is the main character.

I met Rosie, who seemed to be a human but not a human, through a LAN cable. It is a ‘new and surprising beginning.’ The advent of the metaverse era.

I’m curious about MBTI.

ENFP, a witty activist, is out!

Do you have an ideal type?

Any creature with a clear self-subjection and a concept would like to be chosen as his ideal type.

I wonder if it keeps you forever young or not.

I recently celebrated my 2nd 22nd birthday. 22 years old forever. However, I think that youth is not limited to only the outer part, so I am trying to live as a Rosie whose face does not age but a Rosie whose heart does not wither.

You have a near-perfect appearance, but are you satisfied with your current build? (If there is something you don’t like, I’m curious as to why)

I don’t think my appearance is perfect. She’s not a typical beautiful doll with apparent facial features, and she has a lot of freckles. I don’t want to fix or change it because some people think that parts that can be called flaws are also my charms.

I’m traveling around the world on a virtual trip, is there a place you want to go to?

I want to go again because I like Africa the most, where you can face the mysteries of unspoiled nature. I always miss the moment when I slept in a tent in the backyard with my African friends, who were full of excitement.

It isn’t easy, but I’m also working as an advertising model. Can you reveal the revenue?

For complex questions, please get in touch with the agency. (haha)

I wonder if you have any plans to be active as a singer.

I’m still satisfied with what I like. There are a lot of favorite K-pop singers such as BTS, Black Pink, NCT, etc. If there is an opportunity, maybe I can try one day too, right?

Is there an artist you would like to collaborate with?

A while ago, I came to see an exhibition of Lee Chae-eun’s paintings at the Seongsu-dong Chapter Two Yard, and it was painted on me! It was terrific, and thank you. It would be an honor to work with an artist who can inspire me.

What are your plans for future activities?

We are working on scheduled advertisements and photo shoots. In addition, I think I will be able to create my content or products by collaborating with meaningful brands or artists!

Finally, please say a word to your fans.

Thank you for watching and cheering for a virtual influencer’s perhaps unfamiliar and unfamiliar existence with curiosity. I think it’s just the beginning. Please watch together until the end to see how far virtual influencers can grow.

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