7 K-Pop idols that fans would trust with their lives

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As fans get to know their idols better, going beyond their identity as performers and artists, they grow fonder of their personalities, stories, and people. Fans can’t help but think of their favorite idols as ideal partners, best friends, and more. In the same vein, here are 7 K-Pop idols who fans would trust with their lives without hesitation.

  1. EXO’s D.O

D.O has all the makings of a perfect gentleman. As a friend, he would come through regardless of day or night and be there for them constantly without hesitation. Undoubtedly, he would be someone you can trust your life with because he would probably take care of it more than his own.

  1. NCT’s Mark

NCT’s Mark just gives off a trustworthy vibe that is undeniable. His simplicity and caring nature speak volumes of how he is in real life. If he were your friend, he would probably urge you to call him even for the littlest things and text him when you get home from somewhere just so that he knows you’re safe.

  1. BTS’ Jin

BTS’ Jin is easily one of the most affectionate and expressive members of the group. He’s always making sure everyone around him is doing and feeling alright. He often goes overboard and exaggerates his actions to make the environment more comfortable for the other members to open up in. Jin would not only be a great friend; one could even trust him with their life.


DK is charming, adorable, and honest, both to himself and those around him. He’s a sensitive person and a great listener, making for a perfect partner in any capacity. He’d be the kind of person to make sure your drinks are safe at a party and also that you get home safe.

  1. WAYV’s Kun

Kun officially is the guardian figure for all the WAYV members, making sure they don’t hurt themselves, that they’re staying together and not getting lost, and so on. He’s so dependable that we wouldn’t hesitate to trust him with our lives.

  1. Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

Bang Chan is one of the kindest K-Pop idols in the entire industry. He’s deeply mature, understanding, caring, and loyal. To have Bang Chan on your side would automatically mean victory in any circumstance whatsoever. Who wouldn’t trust Bang Chan with their life?

  1. ATEEZ Seonghwa

Seonghwa is introverted and, at times, shy, but he’s also a fantastic friend and a treat to be around, as his members have often mentioned about him. He would be the kind of friend to listen to you without interrupting and then give you the best advice. The fact that he’s also incredibly fit and has a towering physique that could easily overwhelm anyone also seems like a good reason why we would trust our lives with him.

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