‘Official’ Loona ‘&,’ surpassed 76,000 copies in the first week. Establishing the ‘4th Generation Core Girl Group’

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The group LOONA proved its global popularity by breaking a new Initial Chodong record.

According to Hanteo Chart, the most significant album sales site in Korea, Loona’s fourth mini-album ‘And’ broke its record by recording 76,293 copies in the Initial Chodong (album sales in a week as of the release date).

In addition, it settled 4th in the Initial Chodong record among girl group albums released in 2021, proving its growing popularity and building a solid fandom at home and abroad along with the newly renewed Initial Chodong record.

LOOΠΔ’s new album ‘And’ has four albums with different concepts and additional kit albums, 100P photo books, posters, stickers, photo cards, business card calendars, etc.

In particular, LOOΠΔ’s ‘And,’ which announced their comeback as a full group after about two years and five months (album basis), crosses boundaries and makes a more considerable change. A story that became one.

‘And,’ which consists of a total of 7 songs, including the title song ‘PTT (Paint The Town),’ the intro song ‘And,’ ‘Wow,’ ‘Be Ernest,’ ‘Dance on My Own,’ ‘A Different Night’ and ‘You Ah’ It is an album that covers the different charms of LOOΠΔ, attracting more attention.

Loona is building a career-high by breaking records within a week of its release.

After debuting for the first time in a K-pop girl group, all of their albums topped the US iTunes album charts and topped the iTunes album charts in 36 regions, the iTunes World Wide Albums chart for three days in a row, and the title song ‘PTT (Paint The Town)’ The music video surpassed 30 million views within a week of its release. It once again showed the potential of ‘Record Girls,’ such as winning the first music show as a complete group on SBS MTV’s ‘The Show’ broadcast on the 6th.

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