Agreement with Beyond Boundary and SBS Medianet

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‘Beyond Boundary (CEO Park Jae-hee),’ a Korean content overseas distribution service company, announced on the 26th that it had recently signed a business agreement with ‘SBS Medianet’ to promote a joint project.

This agreement aims to promote joint content projects for China, such as ‘THE SHOW,’ which is aired simultaneously at 6:00 pm every Tuesday through ‘SBS M’ and ‘SBS FiL.’ The Show is a K-pop music broadcasting program produced by SBS Medianet.

According to the company, Beyond Boundary is responsible for operating K-pop content and fandom business, including The Show, within the Chinese video platform ‘BILIBILI’ and the platform ‘Dowooin,’ known as the Chinese version of TikTok. In addition to content streaming, it plans to expand various content businesses such as live broadcasting and online fan meetings. In addition, the two companies agreed to collaborate on K-pop MD products and idol goods commerce business.

Jay Park, CEO of Beyond Boundary, said, “I am proud to be able to introduce K-pop culture to Chinese fans through collaboration with SBS Medianet.” We will do our best to keep going.”

Meanwhile, Beyond Boundary announced accelerating its market share expansion by launching content production, investment, and commerce businesses in August last year.

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