LIAK ‘Live On’, filled 2022 abundantly! A unique ‘music journey.’

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The small-scale popular music performance support project ‘LIVE. ON’ has come to a grand finale. From June 20th to December 22nd, a unique musical journey visited fans.

‘Live On’ is a support project sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and hosted by Arirang International Broadcasting.

This year, the Korea Music Label Industry Association, the Korean Singers Association, and the Korea Management Association took charge of the operation and worked with more and more musicians.

For this performance, applications were received in three categories: indie, trot, and K-pop, and 830 teams applied for the indie category, 455 teams for the trot category, and 210 teams for the K-pop category. It has been proven that indie musicians are experiencing the most significant difficulties due to decreased performances and venues.

Originally scheduled to support 440 teams of artists, the Korea Music Label Industry Association decided to keep all 764 teams, excluding teams with disqualifications, by drastically reducing operating costs for a more significant number of applicants than expected.

In particular, the Korea Music Label Industry Association provided opportunities for more teams by reducing production costs with as little workforce as possible to hold performances by 4 to 5 teams a day from Monday to Friday for an extended period.

‘Live On’ collected production costs for performances that could not be held due to health reasons or sudden accidents, and had ‘Live On Final’ performances over eight times in Seoul, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju, and Jeonju from the 12th to the 22nd. I did too.

In the final performance, 27 artists selected by the staff from among the teams chosen this year appeared. In addition, to celebrate the end of ‘Live On,’ Daybreak and Jung Joon-il, who recorded the highest number of views among last year’s invited artists, added strength to decorate the final stage of ‘Live On.’

Yoon Dong-hwan, chairman of the Korea Music Label Industry Association, said, “‘Live On,’ a government-supported project, was like rain during a drought. ‘Live On’ was a great help to musicians worried about livelihoods and concert halls on the verge of closure. I hope there will be continued interest and support from the government, which is working hard to develop and maintain culture and arts.”

The Korea Music Label Industry Association is a non-profit organization that helps the famous music market develop in a balanced way. He is working hard to protect the rights and interests of labels, indie musicians, and small-scale concert halls and is in charge of consignment management of Nakwon, the Seoul Life & Culture Center.

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