Arirang TV 2023 Spring Reorganization, K-Pop Tour Project ‘Come to Korea, the Home of K-Pop’

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As overseas travel, which had stopped due to COVID-19, resumed, the influx of overseas tourists to Korea, the home of the K-pop craze, began again.

To introduce not only K-POP but also the taste and style of Korea to foreign tourists visiting Korea in 2023, Arirang International Broadcasting, a leader in spreading the Korean Wave, is revamping its K-pop programs in line with the spring reorganization.

Celebrating the year of visiting Korea in 2023, Arirang TV is taking the lead in promoting tourism and spreading the Korean Wave by creating a ‘K-POP Tour for global travelers’ for overseas K-pop fans visiting Korea under the slogan ‘Welcome to Korea.’

At the Arirang office building, various K-pop tours are held throughout the day in three spaces, giving foreign tourists pleasure.

Arirang TV’s representative music broadcast expands opportunities to visit the studio so that global K-Pop fans visiting Korea can enjoy K-Pop up close. It holds a K-Pop dance challenge in the lobby of Arirang TV for overseas tourists. , photo time, and a mini fan meeting to provide the fun of another K-pop tour.

The ‘Secret Tour’, which introduces the various charms of Korean idols and the taste and style of Korea to global travelers visiting Korea, ‘the home of K-pop,’ will be streamed on YouTube, and real-time viewers will be referred to as ‘global travelers’ to feel a sense of being together. Will make it possible

After decorating the lobby of the broadcasting station as the ‘Arirang International Airport Arrival Hall’ and picking up global travelers, ‘The K-pop Dance Class,’ ‘Korean Food Competition,’ and finally, ‘Simply K-pop CONTOUR, a tourism product of the ‘Secret Tour’ together until

In the first broadcast of the reorganization of ‘Simply K-Pop Contour,’ ABBA’s tribute band, ‘ABBAGIRLS’ from the UK, will appear in the studio and perform on a special stage for fans around the world.

Abba Girls was formed in England in 1995 and is a veteran band that has completed more than 4,500 tours in 42 countries worldwide.

On this day, the Abba Girls are expected to capture the hearts of Korean and global fans through a stage that reproduces Abba’s famous songs ‘Thank You for the Music’ and ‘I Have A Dream’ as they are.

In addition, the famous Vietnamese singer ‘Đức Phúc,’ who appeared on the Vietnam side of the ‘Simply K-Pop Contour’ in 2021, visited Korea and left a video message for K-pop fans to convey his feelings after a long time.

The newly changed ‘Simply K-Pop Contour’ and the spring reorganization will be available on Arirang TV’s YouTube channel ‘ARIRANG K-POP’ at 7:00 pm on Monday the 17th and Arirang TV at 1:00 pm on Fridays the 21st and 28th.

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